Shell Colony

Shell Colony


Waves rock against the mighty ships of Shell Colony, unique in that they are almost entirely waterbound - living atop enormous fleets of ships, with which they dominate intercontinental trade and communications. Though they boast a handful of beach outposts, the vast majority of their population lives and dies on the deck of a boat.

Though they have had the most skirmishes in Myrme by far, they are not full-blown wars like the other colonies rage. Shellians are more than happy to simply dock, pillage a coastal village, and return to their boats, resources and gyne alike tucked under their arms. Territory does not bother them; the entire ocean is their home.

It is headed by five Fleetmasters, who convene to invoke Claerene and discuss colony matters.

Main Members

Leader: Osabora / Alvicalvi / Flossie / Jezi / Maidea
Director of Internal Affairs: tba
Commander of the Army: tba

 In general, Shellians are rowdy, energetic, gung-ho, fierce, eager, and persistent.

They consider no colonies to truly be their allies, though they willingly trade with all. Any alliance is meaningless: if they require resources, they will acquire them by any means, with no regard for treaties.

Their fiercest rivals are the City of Saltis, who constantly engages in battles for Shell's land claims and blocks much of the northwestern ocean from Shell's icebreaker ships.

Areas & Territories

Capital: Shelldock (land) Tialoque Fleet (sea)
Other Cities: White Sand Fleet, Khione Fleet, Vaalkyt Armada, Leire Armada, Chaccutta, Claere

Shell maintains that all open seawaters belong to them, including those Abyssal has erroneously claimed. Their many fleets are spread across Myrme's Oceans, with at least one major 'city' in each ocean (Beyt, Palorme, and Ftothe) and several smaller merchant groups tending to other colonies. 

They keep control of a smaller continent in the Palorme Ocean, which connects to the ice-filled Ftothe Ocean by a series of islands. It is here that Saltis skirmishes with them, intent on beating them off the land entirely, and where Shelldock lies, host of their temple to Ix Chel Coh.

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