Magnitude Frags

Magnitude Fragments

What Are They?

They are, in essence, deities of geometry - the integral structures that the very world was built upon. As the largest shards of the primordial fusion left in existence, they are the world's primary gods. Each embodies a different structure - circles, squares, etc.

Who Are They?

A group of thirty-three individuals, effectively socially isolated save for each other. A group of traumatized gods who likely shouldn't be trusted with reality warping and endless Timelines at their fingertips, but here we are. My stupid idiot baby favorites.
Want a quick introduction to them as people? Check this page out.

My partner  Lunila owns three: Peresekat, Peshchani, and Strela.

Further Reading

More detail is found on their page here. This is a link to their fusions.

"Integral ___ Structure"

Styling used to describe what geometry the Mag represents - i.e. "integral circle structure" = fundamentally, a god of circles.

"Fundforce/Fundamental Force"

The four Mags, all born from a split of Singularity, that represent the fundamental physical forces - gravity, electromagnetism, the strong nuclear force, and the weak nuclear force. This includes, in order: Quantum, Farley, Juice, and Proximity. Affine represents the Higgs mechanism.

"Young Mags/Baby Mags"

Originally, all Mags were born before time itself even existed. However, recent circumstances - such as Singularity de-fusing again, or the deaths of Genesis and Bereave, has allowed for new Mags to form, retroactively completing the missing structures. These Mags are affectionately called young/baby Mags, but they are true adults.


The primordial fusion. Created when Genesis and Bereave, creator deities, fuse into one. No longer in existence after Genesis and Bereaves' bodies were stripped from them and were effectively killed. Their re-fuse inside of a Timeline would spell the end of everything.


Two halves of Singularity, the largest pieces of it. Considered by many to be dual creator deities, although the Timelines/existence was only the work of Genesis, while Bereave acted on a destructive impulse. Raised the Mags, but poorly. As of current canon, they have been killed, but their minds exist on in Zmeya and Vodovorot's heads.


An ability shared by all pure-magic beings (like Mags, Fragments, and Gladar) to combine their bodies and magic into a new being. Mags are capable of fusing, and create more complex structures the more Mags fuse. They share a body, but retain their minds/personalities.


Shorthand for "Coalition of Reality", a large organization of Fragments who seek to protect Timelines and reality by preserving their existence. 


A literal fragment of the primordial fusion's magic/body, given sentience. They exist outside of spacetime and typically are employed at the COR, in order to protect their home Timeline. A Fragment is weaker than a Magnitude Fragment.