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My Horsies

Where did all your OCs go?? You used to have a bunch more!

A lot of their art is old, their profiles aren't updated, I've lost interest in their stories... etc. So I've hidden them (not deleted!) to everyone but my girlfriend because they kind of make me anxious. I don't want someone stumbling on an OC from years ago on my account and thinking it's mildly indicative of my tastes, interests, and storytelling in modern times. Sorry!

Plus I haven't been able to focus on anyone but the Magnitude Fragments for a hot while, anyways.

Can I be authorized to see any of them?

It depends. Let's look at these caveats: 

Do we know each other/are friends? -> yes.
Are we mutuals on Toyhouse or other sites? -> yes.
Do you interact with my content often (reading stories, fav'ing profiles, etc)? -> yes.

Just send a PM asking. If the answer to all of these is "no" then I won't auth you.

How should I find out about the lore of your world?

I tried to leave some characters public that are integral to understanding some stories, but I can understand if it's jarring now. I have a website with cursory information here, and an introduction document here

TL;DR: all of my OCs are anthro horses in a fictional world I made back in 2010. Its themes are idealism, hope, effort, self-improvement, and moving on from trauma. It is close to my heart and I often use stories in it to try to move past and cope with my own stuff, so I'm a bit of a sensitive baby when talking about it. Please be gentle!!