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Characters tagged with "profile" have a completed, up-to-date bio a la Kolo.*

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These are my mains! They're my favorite OCs & used the most often.

Characters tagged with "persona" are ones I identify with, on some level, strongly. 

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Other Stuff

Numbers Story Website Introduction to Numbers My Writing

All of my characters belong to Numbers Story, my fictional universe I've worked on since late 2010. It's very near & dear to my heart, and I spend a lot of time working on it! Because it's so old, the lore is very extensive and can be daunting for newcomers. Sorry.



Higher beings who exist outside of Timelines and dedicated their lives to protecting said Timelines. More information is available on them here.


Microbiology-based Universe based around an oppressive government & religion, being unravelled slowly. Main is Acholeplasma.


Angiosperm-based Universe wherein the lesser gods consume their mortals in lieu of warring with each other. Mains are Caerulea & Simsii.


Gemstone-based Universe in collaboration with ManyTeeth & Lunila; a world about to fall into an all-consuming war. Main is Pink Tourmaline.


Demon/Angel-based Universe collab with Lunila. Heaven and Hell, two giant Ant colonies, have been at war forever. Mains are Michael, Chomie, & Mammon.


Catch-all Universe. Alkaline has recently been ascended to Gladarhood after the Universe's Gladar committed suicide, and wants to end the world wars.


Ant-centric Universe. Ink Colony destroys Rain Colony after half a million years of peace in a search for Myrme's lost gods. Mains are Cleverly & Tinte.


Zodiac-based Universe where lesser gods must consume stars, found in the sea, to stay powerful, while avoiding the sky-Ocean. Main is LIbra.


Tarot-based Universe collab with Lunila. One suit (nation) is attempting to take over the world; people have to choose sides. Mains are WOF & Uther.


Endocrine-based Universe collab with Lunila. Political unrest has begun to shake a years-old government style. Main is Serotonin.


Postapoc Universe where staying in the darkness results in possession & loss of autonomy. Luckily, though, a newer god recreated the sun.


Minor Universes, or ones I don't really actively work on anymore... it's a catch-all folder for these bad boys.

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