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Magnitude Fragments

The primordial deities of the world, comprising the basic geometry upon all else is built. They persist in this world, observing and caring for the individual Timelines, where life has unfolded.


Tiny pieces of the creator deities, born when the world was first crafted. Though they argue amid personal ambition and struggle, a universal truth persists: all wish to preserve and care for Timelines.


Powerful Flames imbue their wielders with unique and strange powers, but all pales in comparison to the greater machinations of the gods they worship. Such a mantle has been placed on Peaches, one of their inheritors.

The Well of Creation

The Well of Creation at the center of the galaxy has long borne gods. After an experiment to pull forth a new one broke the Well, the birth of a new Arcanas has shaken the world to its foundations.


Two Ant colonies, locked in eternal war, must juggle the ambitions and trauma of those under their banner if they seek to survive the conflict. (A collaboration with my partner Lunila.)


A world of Ants, shattered after the brutal massacre of an entire colony, an act of incomprehensible violence. Whispers abound of the reason behind such an attack - none guessing it is to force the gods' hands.


The rigid and religious society of the four Courts have ruled the world since the Highers unleashed judgment on the old gods. Now, it struggles to adapt to the realization that outsiders have survived.

Cities of Ash

The world, in shambles and splinters, has barely survived the apocalypse, heralded by the ritualistic hunting of gods. Now life writhes in the aftermath - as one of the hunters seeks redemption or damnation.


The World-Ender and Herald of Armageddon, Worm, defies their role and fate as spoken by the Source-All. They flee from their duty, stealing glances at the Heart of the World, and long to be capable of change.


Empires spanning galaxies depend on their life-giving stars to provide for them - but can only watch helplessly as espionage, politics, intrigue, and back-stabbing rule the Forum of the Celestials.