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If a tag appears empty, there are no public-facing characters tagged with it at the time. Please try it again later.

By World

Flameverse Well of Creation Hantel Myrme Seleighe Cities of Ash Dragonhost Soleil

By Race

Pony Races

Base Pony Unicorn Pegasus Alicorn

Wisp Pony Bat Pony Iron Pony Vampony Underworlder Tentacula

Dragon Races

All Dragons Draunity

Specific subraces are not tagged, instead Dragons are tagged by overall mixture.
Temperate Dragon Hot Dragon Dry Dragon Cold Dragon Wet Dragon

Aquatic Races

Dolphin Shark Whale Antelope Mermaid

Unique Bodyplan Races

Deer Reindeer Bee Wasp Beaut Zlimi Serkie Chilopoda

Rare Races

Okapi Kirin Onager Dullahan

Other Races

Dragenmire Lelikki Ant Rhino Eurys Pronghorn Giraffe Zebra

Other Sophonts

Behemoth Pygmy Behemoth Puppet

By God Spectrum

Mortals are untagged. 

Immortal Demigod

Lesser God Harmonic Chaotic Gladar

Fragment Magnitude Fragment


(Finished) Profile

Flamed individuals in Flameverse are tagged with Flame and their Flame's heat.
All characters are tagged with their first name's first letter.
Many characters are also tagged with their factions.