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Toyhouse Comfort Meme

Posted 4 months, 17 days ago by KurosuAi

I've seen this a few times and no idea who the original creator is, but seemed fun to do to have a reference point for people.

Linking OCs: YES! I actually usually only use it to show OC's are connected somehow, but I do like to add descriptions for how the character feels for the other. So I'm down.

DMs: Yes! I'm slow to respond usually though. I have a full time job and a squiggle monster that I'm a mother to. They both take up a lot of my time. And Discord is always a quicker route to contact me.

Voice Chat/Call With Me: Only if we've talked for a while before hand. I'm pretty uncomfortable with new people ;w;

See Pics of Me: Maybe if we talk for a while. I don't actually care too much that people know what I look like but I don't really share many selfies unless I'm comfy with you.

Art Inspiration: I mean, yes but also no? Like feel free to use my style as a starting point BUT please do NOT straight up trace my art. Honestly just ask me first if something is okay. I'm pretty easy going and honestly love helping people out. We're all learning as we go <3

Design Inspiration: This one is a little uncomfy for me. BUT if you're upfront about wanting to use a character of mine as inspiration and you share your idea with me. Likely it'd be fine? Just don't straight copy a character of mine or make something without letting me know so we can make sure you're inspiration turns into you're own idea instead of a copy of mine. <3

Co-Owns: Rarely. And only with close friends.

Asking for Pings: I can do that, but I don't promise I'll always remember.

Asking to Offer: Please do NOT offer on my OC's on this account. Unless I've posted them somewhere for offers. I have a sales/trade/redesign account [ Chiisaikoneko ] that has kids that are up for grabs though.

Putting My OCs in Dream Design Folders: Honestly I don't care too much. You are free to really love characters of mine, just keep in mind that likely they will stay with me and don't offer on them if they're not up for trade/sale.

Is fanart/gifts okay?: YES! I love seeing art of my kiddos by other people. Please however don't do art for me if you are 100% expecting something in return. I do like doing art trades from time to time, but I can not keep up with doing art for everyone that makes art for me ;w;

Are Headcanons Okay?: Always! General friendships and such are totally fine. Again as an early question, I do most of my communications through Discord, but I can keep up in a world or what have you on TH.

Is Shipping Okay?: Yes, but I’d really like to know the person and headcanon stuff first! Also I'd prefer you be an adult for shipping. Just a personal preference because I enjoy drawing intimate scenes with my ocs and I myself am over 18.

Is Kinning Okay?: Absolutely not! My OC's are very dear to me and belong to me.

Is Fanfiction/Writing Okay?: Yes if we have established some kind of connection between our ocs with HC or RP

Is Using Your Characters as Icons and Such Okay?: No, please do not do this. There is only one exception to this rule and it's my best friend Kitsune-no-Suzu . Again my art and my OC's belong to me and I do not want there to end up being confusion and people thinking others are me. If you draw my OC and wish to use it as a commission example or something of the like, that obviously is fine.

Can People Draw Their Characters with Yours?: Of course! I'd prefer we had established some kind of friendship or HC stuff but you may always ask me first. <3

Coelunes MYO Event!

Posted 5 months, 23 days ago by KurosuAi

Flooding emergency! Anything helps!

Posted 10 months, 12 days ago by KurosuAi

Feel free to message me on discord for any art examples: KurosuAi#7407

I'm offering 5$ mini chibis (essentially they're just simpler smaller versions of my semichibis) for a week or as long as I can keep up without over whelming myself.

To explain our towns got flooded by our main river in the last rains. My friends house is completely ruined. They had flooding in their house up to or past their counter tops. They have to replace everything in their house that their flood insurance doesn't cover (all clothes, appliances, ect) and they have a sweet 2 year old kiddo in need of new toys and such. 

Payment will be donated directly to their gofundme: https://gofund.me/1ba6b4a5

Or to me to collect and use to buy them clothes, house goods, and ect. (I prefer to their gofundme cause they know what they need better than I do) 

Bigger art pieces can be discussed privately in messages here or discord if you are wanting to donate more than the 5$ <3

Thank you so much for reading and for any help offered!

Streaming! ONLINE

Posted 1 year, 3 months ago by KurosuAi

Working on a banner for myself <3 

May also take quick sketch PWYW commissions [Nothing less than 5$]



Posted 1 year, 10 months ago by KurosuAi


Streaming again! Personal work, updating oc refs 

Willing to do in stream commissions. Just ask <3

Finishing a commission then up for anything!

Music is ON


Dreamy looking for friends?

Posted 2 years, 2 months ago by KurosuAi

HC only really, unless you are willing to remind me if I forget to respond to an rp.

She's new so I'm still filling out kinks but I'd love to look at possibly friends for my new girl.



Posted 2 years, 2 months ago by KurosuAi

I'm really excited for this year! I really think it's gonna help me with some personal issues. And I really had fun the little bit I got to do the last time I did it.


I return the same kind of work I get, sketch for sketch, fullbody for fullbody, ect.