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General Warnings

  • Religious + demonic themes/imagery
  • Violence, blood/gore, (images censored appropriately) and general dark themes
  • NSFW (images censored appropriately)
  • General mature themes

  • Characters on this account will never be for sale, but you may ask to be put on a pinglist in case I redesign n put their old design ufo or somethin. Sale/trade account is former-residents.
  • Do not use my art for icons, banners, etc.. unless I specifically made it for you (via art trades, commission, etc..).
  • Homophobes/transphobes, racists, ableists, etc.. kindly stay the absolute fuck away from me.
Other Info

  • All of my sonas and mains have pieces of me in them and they are extremely important to me. My stories are my own property and you do NOT have the right to use the worlds I create, or create your own that is heavily inspired, unless otherwise discussed.
  • I'm very passionate about my art, stories, headworlds, and characters. Any and all questions/comments/discussion about them are welcome! I try to be friendly and approachable and I reply to all comments.
  • Gift / fanart is absolutely welcome!! You're always free to draw anyone with the "okay to draw" tag.
  • I am sort of culturally Catholic, so you may see plenty of Christian-inspired imagery and characters on my profile. As an LGBTQ+ person, I do NOT agree with all Catholic teachings, but if themes of this sort are triggering or upsetting for you (which I completely understand), I highly suggest you simply block me, as it does happen to be a large portion of my work.

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