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Anyone open for customs?

Posted 27 days, 19 hours ago by Lahti

I have a dreamy slot I'm designing, and have rough sketches but not happy with my art atm so I wanted to see if there was anyone open for dreamy customs (´_`);;
I'm trying to go for something cutesy! 


Posted 1 month, 24 minutes ago by Lahti

I never did a PSA, sorry if I messed up somewhere.

Alrighty, this has been bugging me every time I see this user resurface on TH with new names and new DA names as well. This isn’t a new issue among my friends, mutuals and peers and has been pretty consistent for years now, however, for me personally, I’ve only been wrapped into it give or take six months now?

Currently their name is Frito, there other names were/are:
                TH: Yarnsheep, Euletta, ecstasy, molang, faellie, hiraeth, lovebug, de4d, lights, buggie, note, milkbox, tra-sh, one, sad, villager, honeyleaf, euletta, cute-girls, nothing, starburst (maybe more)
          DA: Yarnsheep, mamabless, meow-stic, milkb0x, vi-llager

They’ve caused headache to other artists here, being unreasonably rude and hostile over the smallest issue. I won’t list everything I’ve heard since there’s no public blacklist for the other incidences. However, y’all can comment if you had similar experiences or something like that. :V  

My issue came up about 5-6 months ago, when they publicly called me and other artists out in the trade forums, and basically gave us the middle finger. Not sure what I personally did to them, but to me seems like they suddenly hated me because I was associated with the other artist on the list. Mind you, that they never came to me prior, to talk about whatever issues they had with me, so this was a surprise to me. I’ma be real, I posted spongebob mocking meme because of how goofy the situation was, but I deleted it and step away from the situation after that. From what I know, this account was banned for name dropping me and the other artist with the “final fuck you” comment.

You would think that the issue would’ve been over then, now that they were banned from TH, but no, it’s never that simple. A new account was made under Yarnsheep sometime after the call out (idk how long, could’ve been weeks/month). I personally wasn’t very active on TH at the time, so became curious who this random follower was, it was pretty easy to connect the dots, since they didn’t have the opportunity to sell the adopt they had before getting banned. At the time of the screenshot Yarnsheep was a consistent name between TH and DA

To me, this just seems like they are trying to have business with me under a new “persona,” but I’m not having it and I don’t want anything to do with them. They’re ban evading TH and trying to buy from me. both commission and adopts. after I blocked their other accounts. I seriously can’t keep up with the multiple new username they make, and get frustrated when I find out weeks later that I’ve sold a design to them or make commission when I don’t wanna deal with them in anyway. I know this has at least happened once, after a friend confirmed it. I can’t really say for all the other possible time it might’ve happened.

I reported their current account for ban evasion 5 months ago when the handle was still YarnSheep, but it still hasn’t been read by the mods yet (probably because I was an idiot and submitted under miscellaneous). The name was switched sometime recently Yarnsheep -> Frito, because the name changed on my blocklist.

(´_`)… In my whole TH life I’ve never cause issues for anyone. In fact, I don’t think anyone on their block list has caused issue to anyone. 

Now, my issue isn’t being blocked by them, I could care less about that. My issue is that they put on this "blocked artist" guise, saying these are artists they don’t want art/designs from, but go around hopping accounts pretending to be someone else to buy stuff from me. Idk if this is something the other artists are going through, but this is something I’m going through, and I suspect that they will make a new account and follow me again despite having them blocked on my account.

Obviously don't go bothering them, I've heard that they will play victim and I don't wanna deal with that, However, I think people need to be aware of this person because of the issue and headache they cause for artist behind the scene. 

Uhm so yeah welcome to my Ted Talk.
On a lighter note, consider watching Inugami Korone on youtube. The cutest doggo

Illustration commission (open 1/2)

Posted 3 months, 17 days ago by Lahti

Repost because I posted at the end of the month not the beginning asfsdf LOL but this is still open!!

Anyone interested in a full illustration with background included? (example below)
The price is $120 (1 additional character is +$50)
If link doesn't show the image can be found here:

Only taking 1 or 2 slots but if there is more interest I can do a waitlist /o/


Heads up

Posted 6 months, 29 days ago by Lahti

Going to be upload stuff to make my trade/sale folder more neat!

Might be be hectic for the rest of the evening > Feel free to toggle sub options

Nebula 03 (Open)

Posted 7 months, 10 days ago by Lahti

comment to claim!


I promise to post info on these guys  ; ∀ ;)7

February Commissions (Open)

Posted 7 months, 13 days ago by Lahti

Heyo I'm opening Commission this month with a few little changes!
Switching out the Smol thing style with something new, to change things up (=w=);7

The form can be filled out here: Google Form

Examples are below:

Chobi Chibi (examples) [price $25]


 Thigh-Up Shade (examples) [price $50]


Full body Flats (examples) [price $50]


Full body Shade (examples) [price $60]


Consider supporting me on Patreon for discounted prices and more commission options!

Tiny Nebula (open)

Posted 8 months, 9 days ago by Lahti


$20 to claim!


Tiny Nebula (closed)

Posted 8 months, 13 days ago by Lahti


Here I test if I can make this a thing .__.)/ *jazz hands*


 comment to claim \o/

Don't fave my character for "wishlist"

Posted 9 months, 14 days ago by Lahti

Seeing characters get fav'd by people feels good, but if your doing it to formulate a wishlist of some sort... nu-uh bro. 

It's weird and it paints a different motive other than genuinely enjoying/appreciating a character. 

3__3 If I catch any character of mine being on a wishlist, I will remove your fav man. 

Ask me stufff

Posted 1 year, 2 months ago by Lahti

U__u I wanna get through work easier by answering questions nfhdh