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I would like to trade for any of the ones I favorited! What kinds of characters do you like? :D

I listed what I'm looking in their profile

I mean colors, gender, etc.

I don't have a color/gender preference as long as it's things I listed in the character profile under "Looking For". You'd have to look at each profile to see what I am looking for to trade the design or offer $$ if it's a design that I can resell.

Thank you1

Your OCs and your page is adorable! I love all of your art and creative works! Keep it up   

  AAA Thank you so much!! 

oh that's totally fine!

aaaa omg this is so adorablee ToT tysm for drawing themm!!


omg hey thanks for the sub ; o ;)/ you have so many beautiful characters!! and such a cute art style ;___;

asdfasd omg thank you!! ;__;/

whispers just want to let you know that I find your characters very well-thought out and amazing, it was a delight to read Ruby's, Milan's, and Shien's profiles!

AAAH ty so muchhh !! ;;__;; <333
This means so much to me omgg

hey, the links to your other sites aren't working for me? o: i'd love to take a look at your deviantart and watch you //weeps

aah I'm sorry I haven't had the time to properly link them on my toyhouse page but here is my deviantart!

it's okay!! thank you aaa //ur art is so nice

ahh I wanted to transfer to my new account, @tapiocaghoul, but it's not letting me ;w; I was wondering if you could change it so I could or transfer him? ;v;


thanks! ;w; you can change it back now if you want ;v;

When will you open more myo tinder slots, they're so cute ❤

I wanted to compliment your completed character profiles, it looks amazing~! \*A* Did you code them yourself?

Waa thanks, but I commissioned Wicked to code the character profile for me!

Sorry they are closed at this time! ;;/

New profile is so cute aaa <3 *rolls around your page*

waaa tyy ;w;/

where is your button for Subscribing? I'd love to follow your characters and stuff but I for the life of me can not find the button ^^'''

oops sorry about that!

thank you greatly ^^ ♥