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[Lythbound] Halloween 2021 Adopt Preview

Posted 9 days, 19 hours ago by Lechet


A preview for the design I've got for Lythbound this month! It'll be going up
for sale later on this month, along with a bunch of other designs.

>> https://lythbound.com/register?referrer=Lechet << 

Come sign up for Lyth so you can see them all when they're released and buy 'em!
It's a good ARPG, highly active, with a website kind of like Neopets but old-school Neopets not the new one yes.


If you do sign up, I'm doing a giveaway for some pets over on there too, don't forget to enter!


lythbound advertisement

Posted 27 days, 10 hours ago by Lechet


A lotta art I've done for Lyth! It's an ARPG with its own website, like a mix btwn Neopets & other closed species sites.

Sign up using my RAF link: https://lythbound.com/register?referrer=Lechet

The Discord server's active over here: https://discord.gg/38enmFa

When you sign up you get a free MYO slot for any of the available species!

bg credit: https://www.deviantart.com/luxniveus/art/End-of-the-next-world-Free2use-background-814623460


Posted 4 months, 9 hours ago by Lechet

hey guys thinking i might do artfight again this year

yall follow me