'Artificial Existence'(AE) universe is a collection of various personification OCs (armament-turn-humanoid-android style) based on actual armaments currently used in Russian armed forces. The main genre is comedy, occasionally drama and semi-historical. Some political events in the past(prior 2006) will be mentioned in passing without going into details. For more information or if you have a question, please take a look at FAQs here.

          The reason I draw all my warship OCs as men is, it's a norm in Russia that ships involved in military are always perceived as being male gender and most ships are categorized as 'korabl' (корабль) which is a male gender noun.

 WARNING:: These OCs have nothing to do with ongoing real world politics and current events 


          Present day Russia, based on real world history up until the end of 2005 which from 2006 onward, some events that occurred in the real world don't necessarily also happen in this universe. Therefore, events that happened in the real world since 2006 but do not exist in this universe are as following:

  • --- Russo-Georgian War in 2008
  • --- Russia-Ukraine conflict concerning Crimea (in this universe, Crimea still belongs to Ukraine)
  • --- Syrian War and ISIS-related conflicts

          ↓These OCs below are created purely out of curiosity and are not part of the main canon plot.