APH Inspired OCs

           OCs created in a similar theme to the anime/webcomic 'Axis Powers Hetalia', though they're all cities and sub regions in countries instead of being a country themselves.


           In order to add more individuality/uniqueness that make them stand out from typical country personification that based on what usually 'accepted' as national history, when it comes to cities - they have their own history which differ from the 'general history' of a country, for example, they may have a their personal view of certain event in history that clashes with general 'nationalized' view of the same event. This is due to different elements that presented in the city's history of the period - particularly concerned population, connection with other cities and previous events affected, of the city through various periods. Thus while nowadays a certain city is belonged to one country - it's possible that they still possess connections with states that aren't their current 'homeland'. The tone of story told in their history section is their own interpretation of what happened/affected them in their own view - which is influenced by their own belief/bias/personality that I created based from their history. Therefore - the history told through their eyes isn't meant to be strictly in neutral view or what widely accepted in the country they belong to.

           They can practically live for thousands of years as long as their physical settlement exist and 'die' when the settlement is abandoned, without continuation of people living in it for a few decades. When they first 'born', it often takes a some time after the foundation for them to materialize in a form of two or three years old child.

          Although they do appear in the form of biological human, with flesh and blood, some bodily functions are differed from that of mortal humans. Namely, while they can appear to be starving during famine, they won't die from starvation and survive in that condition for years. They do bleed when received injury (i.e their settlement being damaged by war) - the period needed for healing depends on how soon the settlement is rebuilt. If the settlement is abandon after being razed by war they'll die. And lastly, although some of them do experience sexual desire, they all lack capability to reproduce.