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Thank you for passing by, I hope you like the characters I spent a lot of time making, if you feel something seems off, I'll gladly accept criticism as long as it's constructive, though my insecurities may make it hard at first ^^".

I'm still learning art, especially humanoid characters, don't expect me to draw perfectly, please. 


  • Draw SFW art of my babies is appreciated!
  • You can use them as slight inspiration
  • Constructive criticism is accepted, thank you.


  • Draw NSFW of my characters if I don't know you.
  • Stealing, heavily inspiring or copying is a no-no
  • Destructive criticism is not needed, thank you.

My characters are varied, with different stories to tell, some may be more mature and angsty, while some others may be positive and happy. I'll try my best to always put a warning when a character as a specific sensitive topic.

I try my best to do research beforehand, but there's always a possibility of making mistakes.


  • Sexual themes.
  • Alcohol and drug abuse.
  • Mental illness.
  • Physical, verbal and psychological abuse.
  • Self-destructive behavior.
  • Child neglect.
  • Violence.


  • I don't care about your fandoms and interests, I don't judge just on that, but if you do and come here only to attack, please, save your energy.
  • MAPs, people who like incest or zoos, just... don't.
  • Homophobes, transphobes... basically any form of queerphobia. Most of my characters are queer, I'm queer myself and my friends are too, this is not a place for you if you think we are in the wrong being ourselves.
  • Any kind of hateful people in general, if you think it's okay to hurt someone, verbally or physically... go away, please? Thank you.

I'll probably use this just a few times in my life, it's more of a "just in case" since I tend to just ignore bad behavior in most cases (unless they're art thieves and such obvious kind of people). If you're here, you really suck, dude.


  • None
    • Keep it that way, thank you.

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