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Thank you so much for filling in my claim!! I really love how you drew Winnie, she looks absolutely adorable :DD

Aaw, thank you! Of course!! ^^ Glad you liked, she was fun to doodle!! She's so cute!!

No problem!! ^^ I'm glad you like!! I'm weak for characters with my name... and pink... my other weakness. She's SO cute!

I just saw the art you did of my kitsune gorl! I love it sm oml hdbdjk, thank youuu ;A; <3

I'm glad you liked it!! ^^ <3

Hey, just wanted to post a small thank you for the nice things you said about my art :,OO It's so sweet you liked it enough to end up reading about Artifact and Jojo! I haven't drawn or written much of those characters in a long time and made that piece as a sort of small return to it. I totally should do more of them one day, though.

You're welcome!! ^^ It was fun to read! It's also always fun going back to things, and I hope you have fun if you do!

TYSM!! 🥺🥺

Uwaaah!! I'm glad you like!!!   ^^ You're welcome!!

Thank you for adding that amazing art to them!! https://toyhou.se/12651906.d-

It’s very lovely!! ^^ 

No problem!! Glad you like. ^^

HFDdfhjsd thank you so much for drawing Art I love it!!

You're welcome!! I'm glad you like!    I really liked all the designs in that folder, but he was especially handsome... could not resist.

Nooo, no, you're okay! It's not about anyone specific! I was moreso generally referring to the trend of people with like 8 billion followers already hopping on here with their Mona Lisa lookin' art asking if it's "HQ" when they clearly already know, you know?

Uwwaah, thank you though! 

Yeah, of course!! I'm glad you like!! ^^

omg thank you so so so so so so much for the art of eno, its literally so cute, i could not have asked for more perfect art of her, thank you so much!

Yeah, of course!! <3 I'm super glad you liked it! She's super duper cute!!! I saw her in the game and neeeeded to draw her, aha

thank you for the art of ophelia!! she looks so good <33

Of course!! Glad you like! ^^

omgg thank you so much for the artwork!!!

You're welcome! Was fun to do, and I'm glad you like! <3

thank you so mutch for your gender bent bridget desing it looks amazing !! both the desing and your art style to!! <33        

Aaw, glad you like!! She's super cute <3 Had a lot of fun!

*pokes are in order*


I'm moody today. Meh

Hello!!! Aaaww, I'm so glad! She was super fun to draw, I'm glad you like!

hi lulu tysm for the sub >:3 i like your drawings and your forum posts are so good lol!!

Aaaaaa, thank yoooou!!!       Same to you!