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hi thank you for the art you did of K!! :'00 i love it <333

hii i'm glad you liked it! i loved his design and it was so much fun drawing him n-n

Thanks you for the art of Masamune! I love it! 

Im glad you liked it!! <3

Thank you so much for liking Agassi! I appreciate it!

Thank you too! :)

Thanks for the fav :D

Thanks for the fave!

Thank you for the sub! 

np thank you as well <3

I hope your ocs and mine can be friends! ✨

yes ofc they're always looking for friends ; w ; was there anyone in particular you were thinking of?

Reeve is pretty boy!   

Ohh sounds good! I’ve yet to type out his background info though xD

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I just noticed the sketch art thread art you did for me and I just wanted to say thank you so much !!!! < 3 ; o ; 

Ahh I'm glad that you liked it! Claude is such a qt it was a lot of fun drawing him ; w ;

aaah gosh I'm glad to hear that (Claude would also be glad to hear that lol) ;_; !! 


Hello hello o3o

I love your characters!

ahh thank you!! you have some adorable characters as well ; 3 ;

Thank you <3