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This account is full of different content! Multiple fandoms and original characters. AU designs are also here for me to keep up with them! If any of my content bothers you, then please fuck off!


  • Do not Steal/Copy/Trace or heavily reference my work!
  • I have Commissions avaliable to view here!
  • Multiple AUs are housed here, I do not own the original character but I do take credit for the AU design!
  • I make and commission NSFW art often! No children allowed here!


  • Fanart
  • Interactions
  • NSFW of characters with the NSFW tag!


  • Ship your OCs with mine! Unless spoken about so
  • Request links of my characters. Unless spoken so
  • NSFW of characters without the NSFW tag!
  • Just don't fuck with my characters

This page contains disturbing images such as, horror and porn. If underaged do not continue!


  • Body horror
  • Gore
  • Dark imagery
  • NSFW


  • Underaged
  • Not comfortable with disturbing content
  • In contact of anyone on my Blacklist
  • Anti-LGBTQ, Prolife, Pedophile, Zoophile, DSMP, FNF, The Murder of Me, Gatcha Life
  • Do not come here to start drama with me. I am usually a calm person that tries to fix issues but if you can not control yourself then leave.

Anyone on this list is not allowed to Commission me, Own characters by me. I don't usually do this as I try to help fix situations. But if someone you know is here and you have something to say, don't. It takes a lot to piss me off but I don't want more issues.


  • user
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    • Has been known for selling characters for higher prices and has verbally harassed people who call them out. They are also known for quilt tripping people for adopts at lower prices.
  • talltherify29 DA
  • user
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