Hello! Welcome to my Trades/Sales Hub!
This will be the main hub where I showcase any of my characters i have up for trades and sales including any adopts I currently have open!

I would usually label each character with what I am looking for in exchange for them. However, I am always open to looking at any other offers you have available! 

I am also opening entertaining offers on my characters outside of my trades/sales folders!

(specifically the TBN/TBA folder)

Here are my level of interests!:
Money (USD) > Art > Characters > Vouchers

◊ Please don't offer outside of what the character name suggests. (ex. trade, art, sell, swap)
◊ For sales/resales, I am willing to look at art/character/designs offers that are of equal value. 
◊ DON'T COMMENT on the character page, please post in under this thread OR message me.
◊ NO customs; premade designs only
◊ I can do 3-way trades (please inform everyone BEFORE you attempt)

Characters Designed by me:
◊ Please credit me for the design in at least one post and any time when it is necessary
◊ You can't claim for a refund ;> if you don't want them you can resell for a lower or equal price or trade with others users. If you give them away please notify me of the new owner.
◊ If there is added value (i.e a detailed backstory and extra art) you are allowed to adjust the price.
◊  You can't claim the original drawing of the design as your own.
◊  If you plan to use this character for a story or comic, you can sell your own personal product. But you can't sell the original drawing. (Ex: you can't put this original drawing on a shirt, but you can draw your own ref instead.)  Please contact me first to know about commercial use and any further questions.
◊  For commercial use I wish to know where my designs are being used and be credited when necessary. In any case contact me ALWAYS before and tell me about your projects.
◊ Please inform me when deciding to giving away this character to a new owner ;v; I'd love to know where my designs have gone and how much they've grown and developed. 
◊  Extended TOS on my designs can be found here.

⚠ Note:
maybe how long it'll take you to answer? maybe some other stuff that you might want the buyers to know??