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31903127_Cecfo3V033MEXmb.pngThis should all be logical already, but let me clarify just in case!!!
1. Many of my character's stories and galleries involve mature content, be it mild or extreeme, This icludes gore, nsfw and/or other sensitive and extremely heavy topics (which all have appropriate filters). I also have characters that are morally questionable, of which the actions I do not in any way condone.

2. View my work and characters at your own discretion. While I do spoiler everything I deem innapropriate/heavy and so, I'm not responsible for you seeing or reading something you did not want to with this warning present, whether you actually read it or not - please use the site's filters, specially if you are under 18. I also occassionaly swear.
With this warning present, I will also mention that some characters have extra warnings for mostly visually disturbing aspects they may have or for common phobias and such.

3. Don't copy/steal/heavily refrence or use my characters in any way without permission.
Fanart/gift art is 100% a-ok, as long as it's nothing questionable and is sfw!<3

4. Most my ocs's pages are still a WIP so they are empty!
I suck at coding and hate it when pages look ugly, so I am progressing very slowly on them! :D

5. FAVING/DREAMIE LISTS! I do not mind this for any oc at all and actually love it when people add my ocs to their fav lists, so don't worry about asking me about that!<3
Pls don't assume things about me or my ocs without asking me first.
I have anxiety and am "slow". I have awful memory. Please keep that in mind.

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