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  1. The Outgoing folder and its subfolders in Limbo are the ONLY place where characters are for, well, sale and/or trade. Every other character outside of that area is forever homed and OFF LIMITS for offers.
  2. Do not steal, trace, or heavily reference my characters or art for any reason*.
  3. I'm currently working on multiple projects, so expect periods of inactivity.
  4. Some profiles and art pieces contain disturbing and/or upsetting content (gore, alcohol and drug use, heavy cursing, body horror, suicide, death, etc.), and several others delve into black comedy territory, albeit with care and respect given the seriousness of said content. Viewer discretion is advised and/or recommended.
  5. Character info and designs are liable to change at any time. Characters tagged 'webcomic' even moreso.
  6. There is no #6.
  7. No drama whatsoever on my profile or in comment sections.
  8. For those who want to draw my characters, keep in mind that only those with the "need-art" tag are allowed to be drawn, and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES under-18s are allowed NSFW artwork and/or under-15s allowed gore/body horror artwork.
  9. Offer your allegiance to The Flan of Destiny (WHICH IS ME).

*Without my permission

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