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art examples for character trades

Posted 2 days, 19 hours ago by Loner

hi! if you have ocs for trade and you would accept art here is what i'd offer most likely

can also consider custom designs for art trade as well just give me examples :0
im mainly into  anthro / feral  ,  kemonomimi ,  male ocs , soft pastels , vaporwave/webcore ,other core aesthetics , monster boys , demons ,  natural colors , soft browns , pinks , blues, mainly white with some accent , mainly dark color with some accent color , "plant" themed like sprouts

wiggle icons57651173_Uc1KIfMJb.gifbustsFixtS6CXwAAXSIu?format=jpg&name=largechibi fullbody 55640826_MhoGeQwC6gY9X5X.pngthighup
56909419_xxtHEIIfV.png56145133_3rBq9sCD2HlTjPd.pnghttps://toyhou.se/Loner/art other samples

so mainly these things , can mix and match! will mostly be doing multiple arts for designs worth more / that have extra art ^^ but feel free to post ocs. i will get back to you if i am interested in the design!
symmetrical styled ref chibis are also available

like this  , can add on outfits 56888000_sZ6Cipwb1.png

discord server

Posted 21 days, 5 hours ago by Loner

join if ya wannt

17+ only tho!