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Hey i saw you favorited my wingedwolf94 design hes up for sale now! 100-150 let me know if your interested! https://toyhou.se/5415701.monsuta-

Ahh thank you so much, but I'm unfortunately not interested!

I'm the one that originally sold him, so I hope to see him go to a good home! ^_^ /gen /nm

You may reference my sketches/artwork for poses, colors, etc!

 You may NOT trace my work/repost without consent!

( and yes, you are free to post a comment! )

Hey! Could I offer art for Tez? Really unique design!

Absolutely, I really enjoy your art style! If you'd like we can discuss in PMs so it's easier for me to keep track of! ^_^


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE ART OF SPARKLEZ!! <3  it looks so cool and is so generous of you! :D

UR SUPER WELCOME!!! I had sUCH a blast drawing them ;D!!

Haha ur stinkie but ilysm mwah <3


Ahh if you knew me as LoveHeart or lxv then you’re probably right! I do have other social medias, linked here ^_^

Oh goodness, thank you so so much!! That means a lot! ;D

awesome to see some fellow Saint Louis nerds :))

Heck yeah! Born and raised, I gotta represent ✌️✌️

BRO OMG I just saw the drawing you did of Eddie!!!!! Its so good!!! Like actually way better than my actual art of him!!!! Im screaming!! Do you have a Twitter or something I really want to retweet it on my twitter its gorgeous! 

aWW GJSKD DANG THANK YOU !! I‘ve ALWAYS loved his design so it was about time I drew him! I do have a twitter by the way, it’s _LouieBlues_ ! I haven’t posted it there yet so I’ll do that in a couple seconds aaa <33

Your page is so SPUNKY and COOL I LOVE IT?? 


i didn’t know other people knew who Kimba the White Lion was 0-0

Heck yeah! ;D I’ve been watching Kimba since I was a lil kid, never quite grew out of loving him haha ^^

waves creepily

*v* -holds up can of bear spray-

smacks can of bear spray out of hand






Absolutely!! I hope you love him! <33

what's up cunt? did ya miss me? >:3c

Ur mom gay