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That's completely alright! Thank you for letting me know. I didn't realize you had an account on I've accepted them.

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Of course! You're super welcome. ;w; I'm so happy that you like it.

Tysm for drawing Stella!! He looks amazing <3

You're very welcome! ;v; I didn't have enough time to draw past a headshot unfortunately, but I love his outfit and color scheme.

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Aw, that's too bad. Rest in peace to all those Yuko sprites.   Oh, I didn't know it was going to be voice acted! That would have been fun to hear. That kind of makes me temped to try voicing some of the Vomits sometime, but I doubt it would sound very good. ;; Voice headcanons for my characters are something I've actually thought about a lot! I rarely end up picking specific voice actors for them just because I'm very picky, and I usually have a very specific idea of how they would sound in my head.  ;_; I could see Hiro Shimono as Nene! I like the contrast of a super feminine-appearing character having a deeper, masculine voice.

Off the top of my head, though, I can think of:

  • I keep picturing Satsumaimo/Dexter as sounding like Dr. Loboto from the game Psychonauts. I like to think that he as a normal-ish, deeper speaking voice, but when he gets excited/upset/really into his work, it turns into that kind of grating, unhinged-sounding voice.
  • I'm not really sure who because I can picture a few characters as having her voice, but I could see Aoi Yuki as someone in Cute~Vomits! Moreso her normal speaking voice than any of the roles she's played in anime.
  • Sakutaro from Umineko is what my sister headcanons Quack Bear's voice as. I think it's fitting for him as well. I just imagine him having a very gentle-sounding, reassuring voice. He'd probably be a little older sounding, though.
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I think I'm the opposite of you in that aspect! I've kept mostly everything I made art-wise since I started drawing "seriously" (so from around ~2017-ish), regardless of quality. My art folder is a m e s s . ;v;; Oh, that's so nice!! I wonder if I could voice any of the female characters? I really love the concept of making a visual novel; I might have to revisit that idea in the future. I think it'd be too ambitious for me as of now considering that I have no experience in making one. What I would love to do, however, is work on creating short stories in the Cute Vomits universe! There's a lot that I could write about. I haven't actually seen Demon Slayer yet! ;w; That's one that I definitely need to watch at some point. I've heard a lot of good things about it, and the animation I've seen from it looks so beautiful.

Yay!! I'm glad that you like my voice headcanons! ;v; I can't stop hearing Dr. Loboto's voice whenever I look at Dexter and Satsumaimo now. I don't know if it would be your type of game, but if you ever have the chance to, I think Psychonauts is worth checking out! The controls are a little dated and clunky (and there's quite a few tricky platforming sections), but it's a surprisingly fun game, and the characters and world are very charming. 

Yes!! She was Madoka! :D She's very talentented. Madoka Magica is one of the first anime I really got into! I watched it all the way back in '11 shortly after it finished airing, and I remember the website I was watching on even included the commercials that aired alongside the anime.

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It's so awesome that you were able to recover all of this!! ;w; Wow. I feel so blessed. There's quite a few things here I've never seen before, although I definitely remember the Tomo toilet one. LOL. Your boyfriend's artwork of Jun and Medinyan-chan are both super cute! I just keep staring at all this amazing art. This makes me unbelievably happy. I love everything here so much! ;__; Thank you so much for this, oh my god.

(So as not to leave you hanging on the comment you left regarding the Damian and Himari artwork-- I'm still trying to think of exactly what I want to say, but I just wanted to quickly say that that has be one of the best compliments I've ever received, regarding me or my artwork. It was so sweet and heartfelt. ;_; I've been thinking about your comment all day today.)

Thank you so much for drawing Daniel! I love it so much! ^^

I'm very happy to hear that! ;v; I completely forgot to include this, but I also made a simple little blinking animation:


Oh! Thank you so much! ^^ I'll add that to his gallery too!

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You're very welcome, I'm glad you that like it! Her design is so pretty.

thanks for the art of Night storm bear! He looks adorable in the drawing you made!

You're very welcome, I'm so glad that you liked it! =D Night storm bear is extremely cute.

Thank you so much for the art of Gadget!!! it looks so cute n I love the texturing! >w<

Aw, you're welcome!! I'm very happy to hear that. =D I love Gadget's design as well as their personality; they seem so sweet!

aaaa thank you!!  I was lucky enough to adopt them recently and I'm so in love with the design as well ^w^

Thank you so much for the drawing of Aidel! ^^

I'm happy that you like it!! ;v; Aidel is adorable, and I love his backstory. 


Thank you for the sketches of Kazaa! ^^

No problem, I'm glad that you liked them! =D I don't think I've ever drawn a Hollow Knight character before; she has a very cool design!


Awh! Tysm! 

Your drawing of lottie is sooo cute, tysm!!!!

You're very welcome!! I'm happy that you like it! =D I absolutely love the design and the concept for this character.

Thank you for the darcy drawing

aa ty for the art of fennekin!!! I love it :]

thank you for the art of skunk! it's v cute <3

Thank you for again drawing aschevolk!Mai aaaAA <3 

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Thank you so much for the art of Amira!!!! She's so cute 😭💖

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Oh my god??? This is beautiful! ;o; You absolutely did not butcher them! They have never looked cuter, and I love it so much. I felt super crappy this week, but this literally made everything better... ;_; This drawing is absolute perfection. First of all, I love the pose, with their hands together. It's so cute and in-character. The coloring and the shading looks amazing. The background is cute as heck, and I love how you drew their outfit. THANK YOU!! ;w; <3 <3 

I have one request! Could I get the full size version of the one with the background? It says it's 2408x3080px, but it only lets me download it at 1280x1638. I must admire this drawing in its full glory.

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Yay! Thank you again!! ;w;

Ty for the base art of Zoey!! I love it! <3 Sorry I didn't see it sooner </3

I'm glad that you do! That's alright, no worries.

thanks for the drawing of amu!

You're welcome! c:

Thank you a bunch for the cute drawings of Snap-Chan!
They were adorable!

Aw, you're welcome! And, thank you, too! I'm very happy that you liked them.

I do! Very adorable so thank you again vwv 

I just wanted to say thank you for the drawing of my little cat <3

You're very welcome! c: Your cat character is adorable; I love cats.

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You're welcome! I'm happy that you like the drawing. And thank you! ;v; That's very nice of you to say.

Thank you so much for drawing Danica!! She's so cute!!

You're welcome, I'm glad you like it! c: Her design is very pretty.

I’m so sorry this took so long! This is my claim for the extreme low effort thread;

I hope you like it!

That's alright, no worries! Thank you so much for drawing Bunny. I love it! Your art style is really cool.

Hey, ty for the drawings of Dawnflower <3 I love them! :D Is it alright if I add them to her gallery? ^^

You're very welcome! And thank you, I'm happy that you like them. c: Yes, of course you can! Go right ahead.

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GASPS.... Of course I don't mind!! I love that the Hoshi one is animated! The "It's Hoshi Time" part is so adorable, and I love the expression and how he bobs his head. He looks so cute. ;_; I love the Fukai one very much as well. She and her bunny look so cute together, and the color palettes that you used for both of these drawings are very pretty.

These are wonderful; thank you so much! You are so sweet.