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Stardrops !!!

Posted 8 months, 13 days ago by LoverBoyii

Stardrops are sentient lollipop creatures with star candies, also known as "Konpeito" for their heads! They are extremely peaceful creatures who live in a massive kingdom in the sky! Although the kingdom is still unnamed, people flock to see the wonders of the amazing palace on tours! And hey! This could be your ticket to the tour heading there this very minute!

Stardrops are a relatively new species and we're having our very first discord opening yayyy thats so coolll!! In the server we're currently raffling off a stardrop (the one with the sweater in the image below! Our mascot, goldie, can also be seen there hehe) and we are also having a myo event! Mod apps for the server will be opening extremely soon as well!

so uh,.,., yea!! It'd be great to have you here !!