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General Warnings

  • NSFW content in some profiles ahead (will be tagged)
  • I sell/trade a lot of characters here! I'm looking to slim down a lot of my characters
  • Please do not interact if your page includes a lot of stuff including age-regression, 'littlespace', or any kinks/fetishes related to it. It is very uncomfortable for me. It's a fairly big trigger for me, and can make me very anxious. Please respect this
  • If you uncomfortable with I, a trans man, using the term 'femboy' to describe my own characters in a non-sexual way, and describe myself, please, do NOT INTERACT WITH ME. This is a term I use to project onto my characters. All characters with that term attached are Cis Males or Trans Men.
  • DNI: Proshippers, zoophiles, homo/lgbtqia phobes, racists, people under 13 (List may expand if I need it to. This is for my own mental wellbeing. I will NOT argue my stance against proshippers. People under 13 I just state because it's really awkward??)

  • Do not interact with NSFW characters if you are a minor! (Including faves)
  • Please do not offer on those in my 'College' folder unless I say you can :>
  • Do NOT offer characters of yours if there are mentions of littleplay, DDLG relationships, have chibi porn, or anything similar. 
  • I am an adult- I have characters with very heavy themes/very NSFW themes. These characters are tagged properly. If a minor faves/comments/otherwise interacts with them, I will block said minor
  • Do not ask for my characters for free. Especially if worth $50+. Its extremely rude. While I do sometimes give away some characters for free, I am very clear what characters I'm willing to.
Other Info

  • I draw a lot of personal art when I get the chance!
  • Please, send me a message if you wanna chat! I'm happy to~
  • I'm a trans guy! A lot of my characters are also trans guys.

  • - Offering on a character, and harassing me after I declined. Fairly sure they are under 13 as well. Friends of them will be blocked as well.

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