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This account may contain triggering/NSFW-ish contents such as ab*se, sh, s*icide, body horror, bl*od, and dr*gs
you may now proceed.

Hello! please call me either Star or Luki (^▽^)
my pronouns are she/they
When looking through my OC's either from me offering something or you just wanna look around I suggest setting the char per pages to 72 char per pages so you don't have to look through a lot awa

✦ About me ༉‧₊˚
- I often say gwa or awa a lot
- I can speak Indo and English
- I am a very forgetful person (╥_╥)
- I'm an artist and I guess also a writer..?
- Please use tone tags on me if can, it's not required but I'd appreciate it if you do !
- I love to write/make stories with my characters, currently have a wip of a story for my OC's
- I can promise you that even if I have a lot of characters I do not hoard them, I have a hard time letting go of characters and I'm currently planning on using the majority of my OC's in my story

✦ DNI [If you're]

- Homophobic
- Islamophobic

- NFT supporter
- A Toxic DSMP fan
- Are under the age of 13
- Racist/supports racism
- Supporting inc*st relationship
- Supporting p*dophilia, z*ophilia, etc

- Romanticize Triggering things [r*pe, ab*se, etc]

✦ You may (≧◡≦) ♡
- Draw art/fanart of my OC's
- Draw your oc and mine together
- Make shitpost art of my characters
- Fav my OCS/put them in dreamy list
- Offer on OCS without the off-limits tag

- Put my characters into your story/ OC's backstory
- Use the art I made for YOU as your pfp/character icon
- Make an OC as like a fan character or so for my story au [Asterin]

✦ You may not (눈_눈)
- Sexualize me or my characters
- Use my OC's in your RP/roleplay
Make p*dophilic/inc*st ship with my OC's
- Guilt trip me [instant block and blacklisted]
- Repost/steal/trace my art and claim it as yours.
- Draw NSFW art of my OC's, artistic nudity is fine

- Take heavy inspiration from my OC's, art or, designs
- Make problematic art of my OC's [such as hate speech and so on]

- Ask to co-own one of my characters with you when I don't even know you at all

- Persistently offer on my characters nonstop after I've declined your offer, just. please don't do this


Cacti/Ruvment/Activernat/Dezmond/VCS/Psyphon/Aklane [PERMANENT] - Character theft, scamming, tracer, etc. Overall just a bad person
@Im_me/loss [PERMANENT]- gave me and multiple others traced artworks as gift/commission

aidenz [PERMANENT] - Possible character theft, overall just don't want them to own any of my designs

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