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Quick Warning before you hop on here.
I got a ton of Oc's not meant for kids.
So i would like you ...yeah you.. to be at least 16 years-old.
This is so that I won't get in trouble and so that you won't get in trouble with your parents incase they aren't okay with this.
Also if you are sensitive to Painful, Gore, Nudity, Fights, Wars, Diseases, None shipping, Not many LBGQ peeps and more.
I Kindly recommend you to get the hell of this page before I whoop your ass!!!

These are my characters, My stories (some with other peeps involved) and I (sometimes we) worked hard on getting where we are now.
We / I do not mind fan art support and more.
What I do Mind are fan fics, Ships, and AU of my characters. They are made to be loved the way they are and not by what others want them to be.
I hope you all can and will respect that.... Cuz if you can ...I will only thank you for doing so.

With that all off my chest... feel free to check them out and thank you for your respect and kindness!

Guardian out!!

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