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Name: ariana

Nicknames: "ari" (never call me this), brittany/britt, prescott, ter. my friends from real life call me weird ass shit though. I've been titled as marinara (sauce), betta fish, dorito, and more! for reasons pending

Age: 17

Height: 5’8 but I wanna be taller! 

Zodiac Sign: sun sign is pisces

Any Pets?: I have a bichon frise named snowflake and he's my world

Fun Fact: unfun fact. I'm a gleek. it haunts me everyday. I used to have dreams for weeks at a time which took place in mckinley high. my favorites are the unholy trinity

Identity and Personality


⋆ Gender Identity: [squirrelflight voice] I'm a girl. 

⋆ Pronouns: she/her or he/him. I've disliked they/them since forever but only ever really thought about why recently. I think I kind of hate people seeing me as androgynous

⋆ Sexual Orientation: lesbian. aromantic too

⋆ Relationship Status: single 

⋆ Myers/Briggs Type: intp-t. as a quirky add-on my enneagram type is 5w4. identical to dirk strider (nearly to rose lalonde!) 



⋆ "Early Bird" or "Night Owl”?: always been a "stay up all night" typea motherfucker

⋆ Bath or shower: shower. the thought of being In a grimy bathtub with still water makes me want to maim and kill

⋆ First Thought in the Morning: often I wake up and immediately begin internally going on about whatever my current main interest is

⋆ Last Thought before Falling Asleep at Night: ah man this answer sucks but I dunno. I'm usually watching video essays or gameplays while I go to sleep



⋆ Do you Work or Are you a Student: going on to being a senior in high school :') 

⋆ What do you do well?: your mom

Habits (Do You...?)


⋆ Drink: if I didn't drink I would die from dehydration. 

⋆ Exercise: I walk! .. 

⋆ Have a Go-To Comfort Food: a drink moreso than a food I suppose but soda and generally fizzy or sweet drinks drive me insane slash positive. especially sprite I go crazy for a good sprite. it feels like it's attacking my tongue

⋆ Have a Nervous Habit: I have so many autism habits theyre pathetic honestly

What is Your Favorite…?


⋆ Food: mozzerella sticks are one? 

⋆ Drink: sprite. I also love the handcrafted shakes from arbys and sonic.. chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate syrup for arbys, and strawberry with whipped cream and a cherry on top for sonic :') 

⋆ Animal: skunks

⋆ Artist/Band/Group: glee cast LMFAOOO JUST KIDDING I don't really stick to one genre but I do really love lemon demon, alice gas, 100 gecs, vylet pony, electric/techno pop music from the 2000s.. yeah I'm not too super consistent ahaha. OH I ALMOST FORGOT I Love the rocky horror soundtrack

⋆ Video Games: including video games I've actually played as well as ones I've watched several upon several gameplays of. I ADORE the last of us parts one and two (I actually am interested in part one's remake). rn I'm on a marathon of detroit become human playthroughs and it still hits. I realize it's deeply flawed but it hits regardless! as for games I've actually played I adore spyro reignited trilogy, breath of the wild (basic answer, I'm aware.), stardew valley, any pokemon game, animal crossing new leaf, splatoon (all games!!), tomodachi life, and psychonauts :]

⋆ TV Show: tangled the series, chucky (2021), crazy ex-girlfriend, the haunting of bly manor, ok ko! let's be heroes, the good place, my little pony: friendship is magic, euphoria (SEASON ONE.), saved by the bell (2020) (you will be missed), glee (seasons 1-3 exclusively.), the ghost and molly mcgee

stolen from zombeh I don't apologize

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1.) Which of your characters represent you the most?

prescott. not linking him you don't GET to see

2.) Which of your characters represent you the least?

I have so many characters made throughout the years I can pick any rando from a folder I use less. so uh. this red furby based on one I had as a kid

3.) What is your favorite design you made?

oh gawrsh so many choices. maybe aether I put so much love into her and had so many ideas for her character immediately. runner ups are her and him

4.) What is your favorite design you own?

ok for this one I've decided to do a design I adopted and haven't changed much.. so probably colette she is so cool

5.) What is your biggest yet-to-obtain dreamy?


6.) What is your most prized achieved dreamie?

uh I haven't rly achieved any of my "dreamies" but here's an adopted character I have she's very cool

7.) What is your oldest character?

ravenstar, all of the art available of her there is from the last 4 years but I've had her for forev u_u

8.) What is your newest character?

uh I guess this thing

9.) Favorite feral character you own?

oldie but a goodie

10.) Favorite human(oid) character you own?


11.) Favorite anthro character you own?


12.) First original species character you obtained?

some rando from chicken smoothie gifted me her randomly

14.) What character do you plan to shower with love next?

idk my sudden fixations of adoration appear out of nowhere with these guys. but I'm making a ref for uni for artfight atm so uh let's say him

15.) What character holds the most $$$ value?

I've only spent money on (.. and gotten back) a commission once. yesterday, for kat

16.) What character has the most art?

dog, for sure

17.) What character has the most favorites?

minuette which is funny because I haven't made any art of her and haven't thought about her in months

18.) Any characters you co-own?

I don't do that. it feels counterproductive. I guess I could count my old undertale au sans I made with my friend in middle school, they used to rp with him even after I stopped caring about the whole au

19.) If you had to give up all your ocs but one, which would you keep?

aw man idk.. this sounds like a sucky reality. maybe dog

20.) Any characters based off of show/book/movie/game?

yes I have an entire folder  for their folders 

21.) Your smartest character?

probably katrina tbh!!

22.) Your clumsiest character?

what I've never even thought of this. I wanna say dog but she's been on here so much and she's probably gotten used to that gargantuan tail of hers. so uh maybe chrys? she's kinda losercore it could make sense

23.) Your evilest character?

he doesn't have any art or a canon design yet :(  he's fucked up tho very hateable

24.) Your sweetest character?

oh my god britt-britt of course. I feel bad I wish I couldve put her on here more I wuv u bwittany

25.) Do you have a season/holiday themed character?

uh   I don't Think so I have characters with summer-y/spring-y vibes but I wouldn't call them themed. I Really want a christmas themed chimereon but I've never won an myo lawl

26.) A character you are currently wanting to rehome more than any?

rip the adopt designs I made and eventually deleted bc I thought no one would ever buy them lol but uh. idk I'm not sure maybe my kalons and frobbie but everyone else despite how little I use them I'm fine with staying with me   for now 😈

27.) Which of your character's names do you like most?

lilac just rolls off the tongue also I wanted to put her here eventually

28.) Which character have you drawn most?

dog prolly #lol most of her art is just sketches I made

29.) Any hybrid characters?

aether is an airplane  AND a dragon so

30.) Your most unique character

deer unicorn. literal genius

epic raffle

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this artist is super rad go enter neow GO GO GO

artist boundaries ?

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can I be your friend?  

I don't really have exclusively online friends anymore (unless you know my real life friends/are in a group chat or server I'm in) I'm pretty awkward in dms especially with strangers but if we somehow get to know eachother.. who knows! 

can I link ocs? 

I don't use that feature at all

can I take art inspiration? 

in reality most people will never know if you get inspired by someone elses style, poses, colors, whatever. inspiration can often come through incidentally. in summary, I don't really care. if anything it's nice to know I helped someone/made an impact

can I take design inspiration?  

thing I said in the last question still stands, don't straight up steal from my reference sheets or trace my characters though, especially my original (nonfandom) ones

can I ask about co-owns?

don't do that either

can I ask for pings? 

don't do commissions or adopts or whatever yet. I might eventually but I doubt I'll do pings 

can I put your character in my dreamie folder? 

yea of course!! like I said before toyhouse doesn't tell u what folder u put a character in when someone faves so I'd probably never know anyway