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  • draw gift art/fanart
  • offer on adoptables
  • give me suggestions
  • make headcanons about my characters
  • ask about art trades/commissions
  • tell me if something on my profile doesn't work/if there's a typo/if there's inaccurate info/etc
Do not
  • add my characters to dreamies lists/tell me you'd want to own them
  • offer on characters outside the "for sale" folder
  • make nsfw content of my characters (that includes gore)
  • kin my fursona(s) and comfort character(s)
  • My characters have content warnings, so there's little chance you'll accidentally get triggered
  • I'm xenogender, pansexual, a therian and I use neopronouns. If you have an issue with that, DNI and educate yourself.
  • English is my 2nd language, I may make errors
  • I do not condone all actions that my characters have done (like, idk, murder)

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