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Drawing my characters in a sfw way

Using my art as pfps/faceclaims/etc with credit

Kinning my characters (idc)

Colour picking/pose reference/inspiration


Drawing nsfw of my characters


copy or take heavy inspiration from my characters

Use my art without credit

Before you follow:

- I make some dark shit. expect gore, abuse, death, mental illness, drug use, and bigotry as commonplace.

- I no longer want to get involved in discourse (which 99% of the time is just extremism for minors and man-children woman-children nonbinary-children etc., I've only had one slightly civil discussion about this stuff, and it took me 5 minutes to get them to even listen and not call me lesbophobic or a predator. ugh) so dont talk to me about my opinions on discourse stuff (ex. lgbtq stuff or "shipping discourse" [or as i like to call it, either being racist or pearl clutching racists]).

- The best way to reach me is through tumblr, but if you dont have an account, just send a ask telling me to check my DMs here.

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