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E.C.H.O. Valentine's Day Auction!

Posted 9 days, 14 hours ago by Meguru-Sama



Auction hosted on DA!

Please comment below or on DA to bid!



ECHOs are a closed species by Megu!

Electronically Calibrated Humanoid Organisms, also known as “ECHO’s” (ek-o), are an Artificial Intelligence designed to aid humans around various aspects of life. While most ECHO's are manufactured with a physical 'android' body, they have the ability to traverse their own data from their body onto cyberspace. In hindsight, an ECHO's body acts as a high-capacity, mobile computer with the ability to socialize, think, and feel.



SB: $65
AB 1: $125
AB 2: $175

The auction will end 24 hours after starting bid!
Snipe Guard Active!

Rose Marie #FF7777
Model: Rare, Hybrid
Traits: Rare

Master: --

Will receive the adopt in a higher resolution as soon as payment is received

*AB 1:*
-Waist up colored Sketch

*AB 2:*
-Colored Sketch Page Including:
-Waist Up


Summary of Rules/TOS

1. Please pay in USD via Paypal 24 hours after the end of the auction

2. For personal use only, ECHO’s are NOT allowed for commercial purposes!! 

3. If you are not the owner, you do not have permission to edit/repost

4. Winners may make small edits to the purchased adopt, however, please do not make largely noticeable edits (unless it is for hair length/color)

5. You do not have to follow the lore for my CS. However, please do not claim the original lore the species belong to as your own.
6. Refunds are not accepted
7. Any violators of my TOS will be blocked/blacklisted/banned

Please view the complete TOS prior to purchasing