Meguru-Sama's Profile Comments

Megu!!!! I didn't think I'd find you after Tachibana. <3 


How've you been!?   

Megu!! < 3

University is draining but I’m alright~ How about you dear? ^^

Weeehhh same;;;;;

I'm on break now, but I started graduate school recently and I've been sweaty haha

your art is so nice btw ;o; bless
if you ever need more ideas on your technos/cybers, i'd be up for it. i like helping others build on their species since i won't ever release my own LOL

Wahhhh thank you so much!!

I think you've provided me with a really good feedback--especially the light in the gem idea!!

I'll definitely consult you if I have anymore more ideas I'm stuck on

Thank you so much for your input Malachi 😊

of course ♥
hope to see more work from you!