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Hi I'm Baz!! All I ask is don't offer on any of my ocs unless they're entertaining offers! On the otherhand though, I'm always fine with taking pings

All my ocs ufo are on MilkeeTree

Please Do Not

  • Heavily Reference/Copy my art or ocs
  • Trace/Steal my stuff ):
  • Mention stuff about r*pe/p*dos or anything like that on my profile. It will result to an instant blacklist.
  • Support sh*t people :D

Content Warnings

  • Swearing
  • Mentions of Age-Regression
  • Gore/Violence/Self-Harm/Murder/Su*cide
  • Drug/Substance Use
  • Kidnapping/Cults
  • Mentions of debatable fandoms such as Homestuck, D!SMP

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