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My profile has stories and characters that deal with heavy and mature themes which all are tagged properly so one can avoid it. All my characters who are mature do have a warning on their pages explaining what is contained in there.

There are some characters and stories that are NSFW and are only for 18+ audiences. Those ones also have warnings on their pages that gives a heads up of what it contains as well.

Basic DNI of bigots be it sexist, racist, antisemetic, lgbtphobic, ableist, etc. are NOT welcomed here. My work is not for you. 

People who fetishize/objectify/glorify rape, incest, pedophilia, and/or zooaphilia to zoosadism are NOT welcomed here at all. It is one thing to make works that tackle subjects such as those with tact and trying to understand the survivors of such exploring what happened to them is horrifying and wrong. However there is a HUGE difference between that and people just making the equivilent of suffering porn.

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