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Hiya! It's me, Moyu. Just some quick reminders and warnings regarding some of the characters I have! Specific characters who I think deserve some warnings will have them but this warning page is for my characters overall as well as if you have interactions with me!

Do not
  • Blatantly copy/steal my OCs
  • Trace anything that I have drawn in my own style
  • Try to persuade me to majorly change things about my characters
  • Start any discourse for whatever reason. Let's all be friends! ^_^
Content Warnings
  • One-off OCs made during vents
  • Manipulative characters
  • Relationships (mostly platonic, can be romantic if I feel like shipping my OCs together) that would be considered toxic/unhealthy irl
  • General asshole behaviour from a few of my characters
  • Of course I do not condone any of the negative behaviours shown by my OCs irl

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