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★ W A R N I N G ★

★I have maturity block on! Most of the time, my characters are on authorized users only.★

I consider all of my content is 18+, even if it's 90% SFW. Most of the time, it's just for my comfort, but NSFW content in bios can occur. Please respect that I do not tolerate or like horniness towards me or my ocs. NSFW is a fun art form, not anything more for me, so it's jarring and odd to see comments about my ocs just because their boobs are out. Keep that to yourself, please.

My overly cute style and characters can be deceiving, I gravitate towards horror, slashers, and dark storytelling. Some of my stories can be upsetting to some users, so beware! Anything serious will have a note about it. I don't tag things like "eye contact" and "food" as a heads up, so if you require those I recommend not following my content for your safety.

Content Warnings will be on each character if it is severe in nature. I am not responsible for you blowing through warning without reading them then getting upset if you see content you didn't expect. Be cautious and take your time! If this is your first time on my page, it will be at the bottom in a few box like this and will have the specific triggering content in it.

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