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If you're going to read anything on my warning, please at least read the following: Due to recent circumstances I have dealt with, I will not put up with bullshit. Respect me and I will respect you. I don't mean to come off as intimidating or rude, but know that I can and will block you if I feel the need to do so. I'm just tired of giving shitty people niceties that they don't deserve. Just follow my guidelines and general rules and all will be fine. Thank you. :)

Do not offer on or ask if a character/design is up for sale or offers if they are outside my Trade/Sale folder. Please also avoid adding my characters to "Dreamie" folders if they are not in my Trade/Sale folder. I don't mind if anyone adds them to favorite lists or anything like that, but I don't like seeing my characters on a list that acts as a sort of "shopping list". Just be chill man --- UwU


I am an adult (+18) so there will be some adult themes scattered at random all over my profile. For this reason, I highly suggest that anyone under 18 years old avoid my content (there are warnings and nudity blocks where need be), but please take extra precaution. I am also very interested in horror and other themes that people may not be comfortable with. If something seems potentially triggering to you, avoid looking at it... for your health and my own sanity.


  • Body Horror/Gore/Horror Themes;
  • Nudity/NSFW Images;
  • Adult Themes/Potential +18 Content;


Once again, I am an adult (+18), so there will be some nudity/NSFW/sexual themes thrown around my profile, but most of the NSFW - if not all - are marked if they contain any kind of "nudity". Even then, some images may be potentially triggering (like nipples showing, implied poses, etc.) that may not be tagged as mature because they do not explicitly contain genitals. If you feel that these themes/topics will be something you do not want to see, please avoid looking through my characters.

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