Morgu's Bulletins

for trades, feel free to toss folders at me but i'm particularly interested in:

* esks
* scarftails (haha yeah right)
* high quality non-species anthros/furries
* high-quality art

you may pm me offers.

TRADE ONLY // discuss this one if interested // kel-del myo birdfolk, additional form designed by me


offer on these: // soukiadopts design, additional art // sheylu design, additional art // umbral-wind design, additional art // by me, additional art

set price or trade: // cookiehana eeray myo, additional art, $165 // basilicca design, $25 // by me, additional art, $125 // by me, $35 // by me, $40 // by me, additional art, $50 // by me, additional art, $75

eerays available for resale [and others!]

Posted 2 years, 11 months ago by Morgu

because morg needs sum car stuff

these are all MYO cost + commissioned art cost $165

right what it says on the box, cap'n .// HOLD melonmilk toss me a usd offer $30 $125 $40 $10 $45 $30 [basilicca design]

quick sketch commissions!

Posted 3 years, 9 months ago by Morgu

black/white sketch

// ranges are based on complexity. high ends represent very complex characters or things that are particularly difficult for me to draw!

headshot: $5-$10

halfbody: $8-$15

fullbody: $10-$20

color: +$5-$20 depending on complexity and if its a headshot/fullbody or not

couples are double price.

nsfw may be available on a selective basis, but it absolutely will incur a larger fee.




I ONLY want to draw anthros/furries this time around. if you want me to draw something with a human face, tack +$10 onto it!

Adopt/Character Resales

Posted 3 years, 10 months ago by Morgu


payment via paypal only!

1. no extra art; made by me. $45

2. // SOLD //

3. no extra art; made by me. $40

4. no extra art; made by basilicca @ FA. $20

5. // SOLD //

6. // SOLD //

7. additional art can be viewed here; made by me. $40

please comment or note to claim, and be prepared to pay immediately! 
i don't like to do holds, but if they're 100% a sure thing, i can hold for a short amount of time (under 2 days).

want 2 commission: furry art (sfw & nsfw)

Posted 4 years, 4 months ago by Morgu

ok so i really want cute art of these two
because WELL I'M JUST ADDICTED TO CUTE SHIT and want to get cute art for me & bf
sketches, chibis, full pieces, whatev. slide some samples my way super pleaseee~

also, looking for artists comfortable drawing nsfw art /cough more details for that will be given if i choose someone for that

paying USD or if you prefer, i can also do art trades???