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Really love your icon!!

Thank you ! : D
Rich is a big pissy bitch skdhfks.

But he fabuuu

this is late (was a bit busy) but tysm for hex!! i hope youve had happy holidays and new years!!

thank you !  : D
happy 2020 !

Thank you so much for the design!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
We really appreciate it!

thank you for picking me for the wta! i love her so much ;___;

im already weak for u love for her,,,  i can't wait to see what u do with her.  

hjkfdjkh im excited to draw her soon :D She Will Be Wholesome

quick little question but how did you get your profile thumbnails to be circles instead of the default square for character images ;v;

.thumb-image a.img-thumbnail, .thumb-image a.img-thumbnail img {
  border-radius: 100%; }


thank you!

I have something to ask of you

Flayn’s got us trapped in the McDonalds playplace. We’re currently in the bubble facing the dining area. Do you see us waving at you? Please get us out, we haven’t eaten our order yet.

I have something to ask of you.

Claude invited Flayn to the Academy's "Mine Craft" server, but Edelgard keeps putting TNT inside her house, and ... blowing it up.  It's been half an hour since, and Flayn hasn't stopped screaming.  Please find Edelgard for me, and talk her out of doing this ... ?

Thanks for the fave on my kid, it’s appreciated.

c: OMG your profiles are seriously amazing and so are your characters!  I had a question how did you do the "astronaut favorite" code? ;u; 

i targeted the favorites star, hid the text and moved the star down to the corner, and then set the astronaut emoji next to it with css!

Youre welcome! ^o^ I remember seeing it and thinking "holy smokes! You can do that?!" xD I honestly am super new to CSS but :o That's so cool n.n

i just wanna say i love your icon?? everytime i see it when i go through forums i smile-- it's so cute,,,

WEEPS thank u omg.  ; v ;  I'm so glad they also make other people happy HFJGK.
Sinclair loves to smother his baby bro in affection, and they are such big faves for me........  had to get my fav artist to draw it and was Not disappointed.

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also same to you tho you have so may cute children and i just want to put my sticky little fingers on their faces and pet th em.

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lays in them.  when will i be STOPPED???  never.  o|-<

mobile is a curse.  knife emoji.

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i need to be detained, i can't handle so many kids i'm gonna turn into a puddle again.
i need to start gifting more of my picrew designs i lov e making them so muc h but i cannot hold them all in my heart.  i dont have the money to buy them all fb refs and junk JGKHIKGUH--

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WHEEZE THANK YOU.  jygfks.  dmj is one of my fav artists and i finally decided instead of gettin couple art with my partner, i needed a pic just for myself, and.  fans myself.  this was the best gift i have given myself in awhile.  i love tobie and sinclair so much, and dmj did them beautifully and i'm a h app y camper.

always feel free to spam me.  :'D  i am a big awkward ball so sometimes i don't reply to every comment but I LOVE TO GET THEM and when i remember and feel like i got something worth reading to say in return i love to spam comments with other people jygki.  i just like dumb banter, it's my life.

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With my browser settings, 11 looks better, but I know a lot of people step on me so I use 12 most of the time. When I'm not sitting on mobile and have no time for typing out coding anyway — jgciycc

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I love tiny font, it is my best friend, though my eye doctor got mad at me bc I could read super tiny text with ease YFKY. he took the pamphlet from me and bopped me in the nose like NO, DON'T DO THAT. iyfyiy.

me: try n stop me —
also me: walks into a wall bc I can't see things three feet in front of me very well whoops

one thing I also love is JUSTIFIED TEXT. it's. so good. what a beautiful, loving and most precious tool we have at our disposal.

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dude glasses ... make me so much cuter. I'm adorable in glasses. best choice ever, 10/10 would recommend.

then you can tiny font... and be cute.

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rolls right over you.
feel free to draw whoever you like, your art is so cute and i love it.  :'D  <3

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i try super hard to have a diversified cast of characters,, sometimes it's hard bc i got my Types and Favorites, but i've always found it more interesting to read peoples' profiles when they got more differences than similarities.
speakin of when i get off work today there was some of your characters whose profiles i wanted to look at.  >:o

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dude relatable HDHKJHS.
i favor my forever, today and picked her perfect verses .. h ardcore.  so i've been channeling myself into updating them first.  i want to get everyone's profiles done this month, or at least a majority, so we'll see if i have the skills and dedication l o l.  pray 4 me.

DO U LIKE COMMENTS ON UR CHARACTERS im always like sweats when im readin over profiles bc i know ppl can turn them off if they don't like the notifs for them but ,,, never kno..........  if so i'm gonna slap some on ya later fksjdhfk.

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~ v ~ most will welcome it, especially tobie.

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would love that so much. ; o ;

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puts my eyes on the screen of my phone. i'm prepared.


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I love Kingdom Hearts too, buddy ❤️

Thank you for the favorite! :D

Hello my friend used the code



do u like to die



Thank you for sub! ;; shbdabda

Hello, could you pm me a code? My tablet won't let me pm you myself!! <33

Would you mind pm-ing me the code? I’m on a devise that doesn’t let me message you :(

Thank you for favouriting Blackjack! I'm honoured to get a fave from someone with such spicy characters!

Aaa, thank you so much for the fav on my Crawling boy! I'm so glad that he is getting attention <:''D

Hey, I saw your post on the unpopular opinions thread and I just wanted to thank you for posting about that word stan because I had no idea about its origins and really did think it was just a cutesy word for fan... and now I'm not gonna keep using it because wow that origin is gross. 

really glad to enlighten, since every single time i see it, it confuses me on why someone would want to relate the fact they like something to ... well, something like that in such a light, fun way.  * ~ *
it's wild to me that it became so huge, bc i'm sure while a lot of people are like you in just thinking it was fun and cute, there's definitely people that know and still use it ........

hey!! would you be willing to trade back my demon girl Abagale and her gf Anabelle for ur girl Terra? ;w; i realized i rly wont use her as opposed to abagale and ana!!

this is subnautica btw!

hey!  ; v ;  i actually really have no interest in terra, n never was able to use her at all.  would u mayb be willing to work out s/t else, or?  bc we got a better place for these two than i could do w terra.  :'D

wdym? like trade/sell someone else for Abagale and Anabelle? :0

yeah.  ; 3;  we've managed to use those babs alrdy so far, but i haven't done anything w terra and my friend isn't interested in her either, so i feel bad askin for a character back from her that we've used if neither of us can / will use the character i alrdy traded.  :'D

alright!! i have all of my expensive / developed ocs on this account, and then a hoard of less expensive but more diverse / multifandom / etc characters on subnautica !

oo f, i feel bad but we didn't see anyone we could really use.  :')

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your characters are so fucking quality im disgusted??? i love them so much

winks with all five eyes.


!!! thank you for the love and fav you sent my precious angel child o/

i used code #2, thank you ! ^^ (code #1 was already used)

Thank you so much again for the screenshot help! ♥

Drache-Lehre Not a problem at all! ; v ;

I'll be sure to reach out to ya once it is done so you can see how yours is used.   

Thanks for the fave~ bless your beautiful kids 😄

THANK U,, u have some real cute babies, too!   

I'm pretty surprised by your pokemon selection~ They're so unique :O  I've never seen those choices for her before so it was really neat to see~ As soon as people see she has a fire affinity and orange hair and musical based career they always go for jigglypuff, fennekin and other fire types so it was lovely seeing some non-cutesy pokemon. I'd never thought of Mawile for her but I can totally see it :O Thank you so much~!

Aaa, thank you! ; U ;  I'm glad that you like them.

I am super spacy today, so I mostly skimmed through, pulled up some keywords and read little tidbits.  She came off to me as someone who is definitely strong and knows what she wants ( sparking the steel ).  That kind of a headstrong attitude can lead you to being a little isolated ( ice type ).  I also saw that she prefers her partners to be virgins where she isn't, which reminded me of the lore behind the demons / monsters that both Mawile and Froslass are based on.
Then Salandit and Lopunny I picked because they're feminine - ly figured, and there was a lot of hints of promiscuity in her profile, so I thought her having some Pokemon that invoke the mindset of ' sexy woman ' would suit her.  ´ u `

Gosh you're wonderful!! I loved it so much and it's amazing how unique and wonderful the choices were <3 Thank you so much again~! It was so refreshing and a pleasant surprise~ I'm going to totally try those out with her some day <3

THEY R SUPER CUTE how can i not. * A *