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hey. welcome to my profile. i'd suggest reading these rules before scrolling and clicking "okay." thanks.

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1. i get angry over small things/sometimes sensitive. dont get on my nerves pls. 

2. no cursing on my christian th profile <33 ty boo 

3. in general dont be rude or mean and stuff 

4. i don't like seeing art of furries/anthro animals with certain parts of the body being big. theres been some controversy of certain [ things ] not being sexual. maybe they're not, but i just dont like seeing those on anthro animals/drawings. it makes me uncomfy. (i am a girl btw-) 

5. i'd prefer not to make friends with majors (18+). if you're a major and im already your friend, dw. 

6. dont talk crap about fandoms you know i like, everyone likes certain things right 

7. respect my opinions plz. 

8. conversate with me!! no one really goes on my pf anymore ;m; 

9. ive gone through some hard things mentally in the past and im currently [ trying ] to heal, so don't make it worse and have my cuts bleed again hehehe

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thank you so much for reading. you're good to go. enjoy your stay <3

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