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Warning some graphic and gore content that is not censored on my page, there will also be nsfw pieces as well but those have block warnings on them. 

Please do not offer or try to buy my characters. The only ones that are for sale or trade will be in the for sale folder, I dont tolerate drama on my page if you come to start crap youll be blocked...

Please don't ask me to ping you on my not for sale characters as they will never be for sale.....I don't do pings!!!!

If i buy a character and art is yours that youve made please let me know so i can credit you accordingly.

I do often buy characters hyenas mostly but if something else catches my eye that i can turn into a yeen definitely offer them to me. Just because i have alot of characters doesn't mean i don't love them, i do and give them all attention and or new art. 

Please do not steal, copy or trace any of my art or characters, do not reference them or steal their designs.

Thanks from the Yeen Queen 👑

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