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HEY ASSHOLE, read this shit--fuckard!

I'm done playing with ya'll like a pair of balls, please follow my rules like any other artist. There might be new rules every day or so--so keeping up would be so sexy..don't you want to feel sexy? Then follow rules. 

Please Do Not

  • Disrespect my design rules, just in case I have blacklisted Matt_Draw. If you resell or trade my designs with this person you shall also be thy blacklisted. Respect people designs and everyone will be happy, but if anyone broke this rule... ;) Please report and message me. They do not have permission to have or get any of my designs. Ever!!

  • Go pass this warning if you are below the age of 18, thank you <333. Stay back kiddos ;'D

  • Blackmail me  trying to get a design back by requesting an unholy amount of art--just because I can draw an eyeball doesn't mean I like to be blackmailed. My designs/art is my baby..don't mistake my niceness as weakness.

  • Pester me about commissions

  • Lowball my commissions, don't like the price--okay? Have a cookie ;')

  • Steal, trace, get inspired or copy any designs

  • EDITS! Dear god, all my designs are/have/and will be POC--please do not change skintone-- ever! 

  • Adding more

Content Warnings

  • Harsh reality checks
  • Abusive content
  • Drug-use
  • Homosexual behavior know ;')
  • Some gay shit here and there
  • Semi-nudity 
  • Bad words ;333 *uwu*

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