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name. Jen
zodiac. capricorn

all rights reserved. please do not copy, use, reference any of my characters / designs.
unless otherwise stated, none of my designs are available for sale / trade.


Latest Bulletin

Posted by NostalgicAstronaut 3 days, 16 hours ago

Check out this beautiful new CS created by sisyo + skele2n~!   
[Honōbi CS]

They're currently even doing a FREE MYO Event right now!

MYO Event deadline is APRIL 30 23:59 (UTC-7)

Latest Comments

Posted by Foxbox 1 day, 9 hours ago

Thankyou for the fave!

Posted by OceanArtist 25 days, 15 hours ago

Ack i didn't see it til just now because i completely forgot but Thank You so so so so much for the art of Vai!! She looks so pretty and i love it so muchhh

Posted by NostalgicAstronaut 23 days, 19 hours ago

You're most welcome~!
I was really tempted to draw Reis as her story sounded so interested but wasn't confident i'd get her appearance right xD

Posted by SuperiorKenshi 1 month, 22 days ago

Omg!! Thanks for the art of Derex! Its awesome! *-* (and yes he's a smoker XD) 

Posted by NostalgicAstronaut 1 month, 22 days ago

You're so welcome~!
Sorry i didn't color him, i wasn't sure what would be correct D:

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Posted by mothpop 2 months, 21 hours ago

dmi just coming over here to scream about that GORGEOUS ART you did for me of rose garden, like hello? i don't know how to thank you enough?? (also it's funny because originally, i was going to have rose garden become infected after napping in a bed of roses)

Posted by NostalgicAstronaut 2 months, 20 hours ago

OMG thats hilarious~
I'm so happy to hear you like it though.

He was loads of fun to draw but i must apologize, i totally just realized i neglected to draw his wings :|

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Posted by Starmax 2 months, 14 days ago


You don't know me but I saw your art on a forum I was reading through & just wanted to say that it was super cute & I love your style! 

I went ahead & looked through your characters out of curiosity & I love Cherie in design & personality! A very lovely character indeed O: I know her preferred weapon was a dagger but I could also see her using a bow & arrow enchanted with what was one of her strengths, I believe(?), being enchanted magic. I could see that working very well in her favor, especially if she had a lot of enemies to handle at once for any reason! O:

Have a great day!!! C:

Posted by NostalgicAstronaut 2 months, 13 days ago

Thanks so much for the kind words ;w;

Cherie's likes to keep things sneaking but I could totally see her use a bow when the situation arises. I'll definitely have to keep that in mind haha. Thanks for the suggestion :D

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Posted by SleepingThunder 2 months, 21 days ago

Tysm for drawing Gideon! He was completely in character and that's something someoen would definitley try to pull. <3

Posted by NostalgicAstronaut 2 months, 21 days ago

Haha that's good to hear :D
You're very welcome. I really enjoyed being able to draw him.

Posted by SuperiorKenshi 2 months, 29 days ago

Omgggg thanks you so much for the art of Dith! I love it!!!  *-*

Posted by NostalgicAstronaut 2 months, 29 days ago

You're welcome! 

I had lots of fun drawing him :3

Posted by DillyDraws 3 months, 3 days ago

Hey I really like your art style! >w<

Posted by NostalgicAstronaut 3 months, 3 days ago

Thanks so much~!
You're so kind ;A;

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