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  • General Warnings
    • These are my characters, my babies. You're not allowed to take influence from them at all.
    • Some have NSFW art, but are properly marked. Fair warning.
  • Rules
    • Don't color drop, steal markings/coats/designs/etc.
    • None of my characters are for sale or trade. Just admire them, don't steal, that's all I ask.
    • You do NOT have permission to use my characters under ANY circumstances.
    • All the images, information and personal information are not to be used by anyone else except fr me.
    • You may NOT use any of my characters for your personal use.
    • Do not use my characters for RP purposes. 
    • Do not claim themas your own. I am NOT drawing on any other site, nor affiliated with Patreon. 
    • If you see "me" on these sites, please notify me. Thank you.
  • Other Info
    • Strangers giving me unsolicited gifts kind of weird me out. I don't like it unless i've asked you. 
    • or you have my permission to draw my character(s) 

    • Thanks and have a good day.

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