PaddleAdopts's Bulletins

Code rules

Posted 2 years, 6 months ago by PaddleAdopts

🌺 You can use them in any way you want and edit them as much as your heart desires.
🌺 Please do not remove the credit.
🌺 Feel free to. . .kitbash? Is it called kitbash? Uh- feel free to use what I have to create a whole new code yourself if you want. I really won't mind
🌺 Keep WYSIWYG off whenever editing the codes. If you turn it on it isn't going to exactly work out
🌺 You don't have to tell me if your using any of my codes unless you wanna. If you do, I'd prefer you telling me either here or on the code itself. I admit tho, I love stalking and seeing others using the codes I make

🌺If you are having trouble with accessing a code/its not working as it should- please let me know so I can help you!! I don't know how helpful I may be, BUT I would at least like to try to help!!🌺