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My page is generally safe for everyone, however there's some specifics that may need to be brought to your attention!


  • Toxic Anti mcyt/dsmp (Im just a fan of the content leave me alone)
  • Transphobic, homophobic, racist, etc.
  • Toxic christian or someone with a lot of christian related topics/stuff on their page (I have religious trauma and prefer to avoid anything with christianity. I do not want to argue with you about your religion or my own)
  • Minor looking for nsfw (Get the fuck out)

Content Warnings/Heads up

  • Characters with NSFW are tagged
  • Vent art and characters are tagged
  • Some characters include witchcraft and paganism as I myself am pagan. This will not and never will be tagged or censored
  • In reference to my freebie forum post, do NOT go outside of my For Sale folders. It makes me uncomfortable.

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