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Hey my brother is playing MtG rn

Posted 4 months, 21 days ago by PaigeBunni

If ya wanna watch someone play MtG and climb ranks on Arena, watch my brother lmao. He's a really cool guy so ye. Go shower him in support ya lovelies!~ <3


Posted 7 months, 24 days ago by PaigeBunni
Alright. Now that the holidays are over I can finally get back to my trades that I need to finish! So Ye!


Posted 8 months, 3 days ago by PaigeBunni

HEYHEY! Lowkeywicked is holding a holiday raffle where you can possibly get one on their layouts! Todays the last day to get it! Go get it y'all.



Posted 8 months, 21 days ago by PaigeBunni

So, I'm drowning in art payments but that's ok. It's all worth it in the end. Just gotta update my profile page with the to do list. yeet

Trade account~

Posted 10 months, 28 days ago by PaigeBunni

I've finally made a trade account where all of my sell-able and trade-able characters go.(some freebies)

Bunni-trades is my trade account~

I feel a little safer rn to display my babies. So I'll do that but if I feel unsafe again I'm gonna hide them. This might be annoying and I'm sorry ;-;

Heres my Da post about it! Please check it out!


Woop woop bday!

Posted 1 year, 24 days ago by PaigeBunni

Today is my bday!! Love all ya guys!

MY BDAY! + More things about me!

Posted 1 year, 25 days ago by PaigeBunni

Hey there! Tomorrow is my bday! Just thought I would let you guys know~ There nothing special about it but if you would like maybe you can draw one of my babs?


I thought it would be cool if I posted something about myself so here it goes~


♡Nicknames: Paige
♡Orientation: Pansextual
♡Profession: Student


♡Animals: BUNNIES, cats, WHITE BENGAL TIGERS, axalotls, spiders, snakes, ect.
♡Anime: ONE PIECE, My Hero Acidemia, Black Butler, Houseki no kuni, Lucky star, Steins Gate, and literally anything horror themed lmao
♡Colors: Blue, Teal, Pastel pink, Green, Soft browns
♡Food: Sushi, Spaghetti, Pot pies, Crawfish boil, Shepards pie, literally anything homestyle cooking.
♡Games: EVERYTHING LoZ >:D, Metroid Prime, Pokemon Black, Unison league ect.
♡Hobbies: ART, reading, Writing, arts and crafts, baking
♡Music artists: HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD, Die Antwoord, Pogo, Perturbator, ect.

Hoped ya liked reading this and maybe you can comment some thi s that you like~ Also, I got this idea from @adalana.

About hidden characters

Posted 1 year, 1 month ago by PaigeBunni

I've been lately seeing that some of my friends/people I know have been a victim of character theft and I just don't wanna take the chance of having my characters stolen. Ik that sounds dumb of me but a lot of these characters mean a lot to me and I would be devastated to see if some one were to steal them. I extremely upset by this subject as due to the fact that I see this issue arise on multiple occasions throughout a short period of time. I know that this type of issue has been going on for a while and I shouldn't be surprised at it, but the whole thing to me is upsetting. Most people's characters mean a lot to them or are part of a story that person has spent a lot of time on. I wish more people were understanding on this issue but or seems as though we're all being scammed. I wish everyone to be safe and be on the lookout for people reselling, stealing, and worming their way into getting your, or someone else's characters. Stay safe everyone.