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I’m sorry for just coming in randomly, but I’m really sorry about your cat. I lost my cat Elizabeth last year, too (I think it was actually right around now when it happened)

If you need help I suppose I can try.

I’m so sorry to hear about Elizabeth! Thank you for your message. 💕 I’m okay but it’s been difficult to want to communicate and deal so I’m slowly grieving and doing things that make me happy ❤️

It’s fine <3

(Also I have some pictures of her here )

|・ω・) Heya there, I hope things will get better for you soon

sobs at your hc for netto for 42036069 years

Oof whoops, I didn’t know you filled your claim out already! Sorry about that x_x

Nah all good! Lol running forum games has me lazy with editing posts but I usually fill my claims within the hour x.x If not I try to be in contact with the person I claimed and I have a list of to-do. 

I couldn't edit my post for some reason because my phone was cutting off the "insert" part of the link but for some reason on that comment it let me add it in just fine so idk what my phone's deal is lol

Ah I see; maybe your phone wanted to be a prick or something lmao

Didn't wanna comment on your thread and clog it up but I did wanna wish you the best of luck with your college/work situation. What happened is pretty screwed up - I'm sorry you went through that.

Thank you so, so much Nitocris. I also emailed my career Councillor from campus asking what to do. I'm a bit heartbroken but I'll find a way <3 Thank you so much. That makes me feel a lot better.

Thanks you for the art of Cynthia!! Its soo cute I Love it !

I finished my claim in the DrAw The Gijinka Above You thread and I sent a transfer with them, and I noticed you still haven't accepted, so I decided to remind you if that's okay. ^^""" I don't wanna accidentally cancel it 

AHHH SORRY ABOUT THAT! I'll totally accept the transfer in a few omgomgomgm I love the design ;;; I'm so sorry to keep you waiting thank you so, so much! I love it fjoewijfowiejfoiwejfoijewifew

Hello hello, been a while 🤗

Hope y’re doing good 

Hi!! So I don't know where else to put this but I played your visual novel, Written in the Stars!!
Put under tag for rambling (its kinda long) and general spoilers too!

OMG that was amazing!! I played Azreal's route and I'm so happy I got the Good Ending! First of all, the humour in this was hilarious. Azreal is so funny with the remarks he comes out with and Seraphina's reaction to things is just classic lol. I couldn't help but just laugh out loud!
There's also some really sweet heartwarming moments, like when they got trapped in the dark together (and Angelo saved them) or or towards the end when Azreal isn't actually Azreal... They were so sweet and I really loved them! Also of course there's the scene with where the stars predicted Seraphina's future - I loved how Azreal tried to cheer her up as best as he could - it was so sweet and adorable ♥
But oh my goodness I REALLY wasn't expecting that twist with Mei!! She seemed so sweet at first, but then THAT TWIST OMGG I chose to be diplomatic about it and I then felt bad for poor Mei but omggggg I really wasn't expecting it.
Oh but then it just ended so happily and it was so lovely! I was really rooting for Seraphina, for her novel and for Azreal and that ending was absolutely adorable and so heartwarming ♥ It all worked out for them in the end I'm super happy about that

I also really loved the Easter Eggs you put in, like the poster of Roxie on the wall haha. The graphics were so great - I really loved the little sprites when you got to choose Angelo or Azrael and the emotion bubbles! I don't think I've seen them too often in a VN and they were really unique!

Overall this was a really really great game! I was really invested in the story! Aaaa thank you for creating this amazing VN, I enjoyed it so much! I'll definitely have to recommend it around! ♥

OH MY GOSH!! JFAOIEWJFIJWEFOIJEWFIJEW I'll respond in a spoiler for the same reason but ahhhhhhhhhhhh

I'M SO GLAD YOU LIKED IT FOEWJEIF I'm so happy to hear you got the happy ending <3 Ahhh I'm so happy the humour reached you well too ;; it was a big fear of mine that the jokes went too far so I'm so happy it made you laugh ahhh

Generally your comment really made me cry ahhhh I'm so glad the twist was a surprise since some people who playtested saw it coming since they were with me when I developed the character, so I wasn't entirely sure how people would react to it or if they would guess the twist before it happened. The diplomatic ending was kind of a problem for some people since in theory it's hard to tell if she's being genuine (the thing is, technically you're leaving her to do exactly what she was doing before, but what I didn't say was that Mei knew that letting Seraphina go would mean Seraphina could write her out of existence when she got home.)

fowejfoiwje I'm thrilled to hear you liked the ending too ahhhhh ;;;;; Honestly the original ending was her book on a stand for sale but I kind of wanted to make it so that things never really work out the way you think and she ended up finding her happiness and sharing it through another medium. I think it's something we all go through as creators so I'm glad you thought it was fitting ;;

AHH Thank you so, so much for playing ;;; I'm so happy that you enjoyed it <3 It's my pleasure to be able to share it ;; It means the world that one of my fave TH creators likes my work~! Thank you so much Penguin ILY and you absolutely made my day ;;;;

spoiler because spoilers

AAAA YOU'RE SO WELCOME!! I had to wait until the weekend to play this VN and IM SO GLAD I DID it was such a great journey :DD I might replay it so I get Angelo's route this time! The original ending sounds cool but honestly I do prefer the one it has now. Yeah once again that twist really was a surprise, I was like genuinely shocked that Mei wasn't so great lmao. Aaa I'm so glad I made your day, thank you once again for sharing this amazing game! ♥♥♥ (also I just subbed, can't believe I never did! You're honestly one of my favourite creators on here!)

JOEIWJWEI I'm just so happy thank you ;-;  LOL Mei is inspired by someone I once knew in real life so I really wanted her to be cinderella meets Maleficent ahaha It was so hard keeping it a secret because writing Mei's initial scene would make me so, so angry I would have to take a break. I played a lot with the use of names (Angelo, Azreal and Mei never call Seraphina by name until they let their guard down) so instead of 'Ini' being simply a cute nickname it was her way of controlling Seraphina.

Omg Angelo's route is a bit more relaxed than Azreal's. Since you've already played through I had a crudely written guide on how to get the ending you want (highlighted in green) so if you ever wanted to play Angelos but only wanted the good ending ^^^ That's the walkthrough hehe

Thank you so much again for playing ;;; I'll try to make it up to you some day ahhhhhh You made my month ;-;

Ahhh I'm doing well <3 Thank you so much for checking on my my love! It's been a bit of drama with the last few big incidents but I'm okay <3 Thank you!

Congrats on your Visual Novel!!

Thank you!! (And thank you for always being super involved in protecting others and stuff <3)

Nirith testing here too <3

(Happy 100 comments wow rip)

Just popping in to remind you claimed me here almost 20 days ago! <3

AHHH I'm so sorry! I didn't realize it had been that long x.x I have two outstanding owes that are so much longer but I had work almost everyday and the two conventions I was prepping for so I haven't had much time to fill them x.x

Here you are! Sorry it's traditional ;-; I couldn't find anyone in unsorted so I just picked Genesis


It's all good! I know you are reliable and must have had things come up! And it's just low effort thread but I just make sure people don't shirk their responsibilities, not really about the art. XD Thank you nonetheless!

hi ! i claimed you on the chibi form you created, and i delivered the finished product to you through adding the character to the image, so it should be in your character transfers section- but you haven't accepted nor denied it yet ;v;
i did this nearly a week ago and i was hoping you got it!

Hi! Agh sorry! 

I'm still wading through notifications ;; I went on hiatus for a week because of a convention so I have to check for that <3 I have quite a bunch to get through ;;;;; I'm sure it's there ahh I'll try to get to them by Friday.

Thank you so much for letting me know <3

oh dear! good luck with that D: must take a long time

Okay I've been thinking of this forever and I need to know. How i nthe world do you pronounce your name? I have a certain way I say it in my head but idk if it's correct. O.o

I pronounce it: Paper Sue-bah-kee    Is that right?

LOL I thought you were talking about my first name and then I realized that my user name is actually pretty difficult too :') It's the Japanese word for my favourite flower, Camellia Japonica (But PaperCamellia was taken)

Reaaally close haha The "T" isn't silent :) It's very soft and can be hard to hear sometimes. It's similar to the word "Tsunami" which has a soft 't' that can sometimes be hard to detect. It's pronounced Ts[oo]-Bah-Kee, Exactly as spelled <3

Haha thank you for clarifying. And as for Tsunami....I have never once in my life pronounced the "T." MAybe it's becaus I'm from the South in the USA and we just butcher languages. XD

No worries~!

Haha I'm southern Canada and they always told us that the T was silent but it's just some random myth LOL in linguistics the first thing they taught us was how to pronounce that, some spanish sounds and how to pronounce the Japanese sound "Fu" so I get passionate about it hehe

Hi, just dropping by to let you know I did my claim. It's marked as read, but I just want to know if you really have seen it. ;w;

Agh sorry I totally do this thing where I open messages when I'm half asleep and don't remember reading it >.< I'm just on my phone but as soon as I'm on my laptop I'll double check agh I don't remember looking at it haha

Thanks for all the favourites!!

Thank you so much for the favorite spam! Whoa ;v;

Thank YOU so much for the fave ;o; I was only returning the favour <3

Thank you for the favorite on my poor coding practice! haha

It made me smile :') Best of luck with your coding practice <3

ah, glad it did! ^^ thanks <3

Thank you for the favorite!

Omg thanks for that quote it's g o l d


Hey there!

I saw your apology on my game thread and just wanted to pop in to say no need! It’s all good. We all misread or make mistakes (or forget, or any other number of things) sometimes. No worries! Hope this doesn’t put you off from playing the game and doesn’t make you feel guilty.

Take care!

Thank you so much for understanding <3 I actually realized that my phone didn't display the page properly so I must've missed that part when I was reading it ;; 

It's a fun game :) I hope I can participate properly next time~ Thank you for accepting my apology and hopefully my prompt was okay! (Also sorry for deleting the post, it was an accident while I was trying to edit it gah I was a mess today :') )

Again, no worries! Mobile is tricky on this site. Feels like half the functions don't work when you're on your phone, haha. And your prompt was great! And one more time--no sorries!

Thank you so much for all the favourites~ <3

Greetings o/

Hello~! How are you?

Just fine, and you? :)

You've been quite bussy with your characters 👌👌👌

I'm fine~! Just found out I'm graduating ahhhh 

LOL I'm doing a short visual novel so I've been uploading tons >.< I have hundreds of OCs it's awful.

How's life with you? :)

Ooh congratz!!

aah you are? Which software are you using, Ren’py? Or the new one on Steam?

Good to have a site with folders to categorize them with then :9

Just good, been working a bit (finally) and made a new Discord server for artists. feel free to join it :)

Thank you~!

I use ren'py :) I'm still learning it but changing around builders becomes confusing hehe

IKR? is a godsend haha

That's amazing!! congratulations :) I'll consider doing so once I re-download discord ^-^ Thank you ahhh 

is everything else well with you?

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Ahhh, thank you for all of the favorites oh my gosh! ;;

Ahhh thank YOU So much for the fave ;o; I appreciate it a lot!

Of course!! Your chars are all super cute. <3

Thanks for the favorite! ^^

Thank you so much for the love you gave Raphael!! <3Your characters and art style is simply gorgeous!!

Ahhhhhhhh thank you so much my love ;-; Raphael is such a beautiful character I couldn't resist <3

Ahh thank you fwjeofijweof you made my day ;o;

Thank you for the favorites! ;w;/

Ahhhh you're so welcome ;o; Thank YOU For your fave on Roxie ;-;

Ahhhhh so many more favorites thank you so much~

Sorry to bother you again, but wow! Thank you so much for putting a favorite on all my current witch designs! Apologizes about the Purple Witch though; she's super new so I need to get her some art-- I'm just on a strict budget this month or else I would have commissioned some art pieces by now.

Either way, thank you again for all your love and I'm glad that you're enjoying my designs so much. You're such a sweetheart.

Thank you so much for the fave on Roxie too ;; Sorry agh I wasn't on my laptop so I wasn't able to write out a response! It means a ton to me ;; I love your designs a lot and I can't wait to see more from you <3 <3

Thank you so much for putting a favorite on Dorothy! I've favorited Roxie in return. <3

!!!! TYSM for the fave on Cobalt!!!! <3 

You're so welcome <3 <3 I was about to comment under him for Smash or Bash (Smash obv) but I couldn't find a character to respond with so I decided to just fave your beautiful bb <3

Thanks so very much for all the faves~ ^^

Thanks s much for loving Dashiell~

Hey there, noticed that you wanted to do a Secret Ship (Idk if that's what it was, but you know what I mean.) and I was wondering if you were interested in doing one with myself, maybe? You don't have to, I was just wondering.

Hi lovely!

Thank you for the offer~! I'll keep it in mind :) I'm primarily into drawing humans, but I'll still totally keep this in mind when my schedule clears up <3 

cool beans

Hey, did you get the free guy I sent? :3 I just wanted to check so I can move him from pending to taken if you want him

Ahhh sorry! I got the message late last night so  I couldn't respond ;o;

I love him fewojfoiwejfwoeijf I wouldn't send him to the freebie bin or anything ;-; Thank you so much aghhhh I love him ;o;

omg yay :D I'm glad you like him <3 

I haven't saved the image yet but I will ;o; thank you so, so, SO Much again :heart:

I do ;; Who's the designer haha sorry I don't know why I put you down automatically. If you don't know I'll just put it as unknown~

@exaeru :3

ahh, thank you so much for the sub back!! ;;w; <333 I loove your ocs ahhh the'yre all amazing <33

Ahhh thank you for the sub though ;o; Your bb is so cute jfoiwejfojwef I can't wait to see more from you <3

Thank you so much for the favourite!! It means a lot to me that you would!! Also, I'm sorry something happened to you that caused you to want to unauthorize everyone. Good luck going through that!! <3

You're welcome~! And Thank you ;-; character theft unfortunately. Keep your babies safe <3

Beautiful characters by the way ^-^

Gotcha. ;A; That is unfortunate. I wish people wouldn't do that. Thanks, and you do the same!!!

Thank you very much. ;v;// I like yours, too~!!

Yw!! I  love your dark angel ;w; and Ahhh   ;w; ;Ty too for the compliments on Jun!! <3 It means a lot to me  <3

hi! just slided in to ask, how do you put a featured character area on your page?? I'm sorry if this is something I should already know, but I've tried everything and I can't figure out how :' ) (also omg your characters are so cute!! ;v; )


--My friend solved it I'm an idiot :')

If I may hop in, I think they meant how to put a featured character on their profile? To do that, you just fave one of your own characters :)


aaaa thank you ;A; <3

don't worry about it man! thanks for helping ;; <33


Ahhh thanks for the fav on Eddian! ^o^



You keep this up and I'll only have characters designed by you! XD Another wonderful babbin once again, he is so cute! I love his tiny abs.

I LEGITIMATELY TRIED TO RESIST BUT THEN I HAD AN IDEA FOR A CHARACTER AND I HAD TO ;-; hehehe Thank you~! I'm so glad! I will try to restrain myself from your wonderful character ideas!

XD No by all means, keep claiming them! You do great jobs and they are always no where near what I was expecting, in the best possible way. ^^

Ahhhh that's so sweet ;-; I love your characters Ahhhhhh I do love your ideas <3

Thank you T.T To be honest a lot of the times they are just kinda random. I mostly post in those threads to practice my art so it's nice someone likes the ideas. T.T

Thank you so much for the fave on Enfys~

You're very welcome <3 Your bb is adorable ;o;

Thank you your babies are cute too~

Ahhhh thank you so much for the faves ;-;

No problem~

Wahhhh another adorable baby! TT Thank you

AHhhhhhh I hope he's okay!! Thesebabies were challenging but two of the most fun <3 Thanks for letting me design them <3

You did an amazing job. And I think that he will definitely become a canon baby. He is just to perfect not to be.

Ahhhhhhhh you're too sweet ;-; thank you so much <3 I'm really glad you like it~ (I maaaaaaaaaaay have to draw you a cleaner drawing sometime soon in that case <3 ) Thanks for letting me experiment~! It was a ton of fun!

Ahh I love him, thank you!

Ahhh I'm so glad ;-; I enjoyed designing him~

I just gotta decide where he is gonna fit cause I can totally see him going a couple places xD

Thanks again!

Ahhhhh I'm so glad ;-; I was worried you wouldn't like him ahahaha Thanks for such an interesting prompt~! I was going to do natural skin but I thought grey skin would be fun to try~! Enjoy him <3 You're welcome!!

Thankyou for the fave!<3

You're very welcome <3 Your bb is adorable ;-;

I didn't know you had a toyhouse! :O

I Didn't know you did either :O I recognized the username but it only clicked like 5 minutes after I posted~! Lovely to see you on here too~! I can't wait to design for you ;-;

Aaa tysm ;;v;;