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Please read me

Hello everyone and welcome to my TH profile! Please read everything in this warning so that nothing bad happens.

Do not
  • Offer on my OCs (unless I offer them to you).
  • Do unsolicited offers on my characters. ESPECIALLY ON MY CS OCs. I'm tired of it
  • Make hate, kink/fetish or NSFW art. I'm a minor :^/
  • Kin or RP my OCs with or without permission.
  • Link my OCs without permission unless we're mutuals or in the same group. (Sometimes I do not accept links)
  • Mass fave or fave farm my OCs. It irritates me so please stop if you're doing this still.
You May
  • Draw giftart of my characters. SFW art only!
  • Fave my characters
Content Warnings
  • Hints of NSFW (though not explicit or too suggestive)
  • Flashing colors, flickering lights, eye strain, etc.
  • Gore, blood or parasite in a character
  • Triggering themes (ex. abuse, trauma, drugs, etc.). It may not contain in some but I didn't add those because either it is still in development or I don't have the courage to mention it ;_;
  • pedophile, zoophile, necrophile, ableist, pro-shipper, ant/hater, homophobic and transphobic
  • If you like l#lis and sh#tas.
  • If you use the term tr#p
  • If you use offensive slurs
  • If you like or draw fetishes (ex. feet, inflation, tickling, etc.) or vore. Mostly vore because I'm very uncomfortable with that and I used to be that person who likes it and now hated it.

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