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This is just a heads up that many of my characters have NSFW art, much of it female/female. Some characters may have gore, mostly light gore or pastel/candy gore. By continuing onto my page you're acknowledging this and confirming that you are of legal age to view it. All characters are organized by a code to dictate if the character is up for offers. 👑 = Forever homed. 🍑 = Offer, but I may be tentative. 🍯 = Offer away, I am looking to sell/trade these. Usual rules apply, no copying/tracing from my characters and claiming them as your own. Don't lowball offers on my characters, please offer close to what they are worth. Don't be rude/start drama. Basically just be a nice person and treat everyone (myself/other users) with respect. Anyways thanks for skimming through these warnings, again some art is 18+ so just be aware.

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